March 3, 2021

ATEN Launches Video Recording Software to Capture Remotely

ATEN International, a designer and manufacturer of advanced connectivity solutions, announced the availability of new software that allows data centers to securely record remote access sessions facilitated through the company’s KVM-Over-IP Switches. ATEN’s Control Center Video Session Recorder (CCVSR) software automatically records a video of the screen display and logs all key strokes and mouse clicks when servers are accessed through KVM-Over-IP Switch ports. Organizations can utilize CCVSR to trouble-trace IT incidents and audit compliance initiatives.


ATEN CCVSR is an ideal management tool to accompany KVM-Over-IP Switch installation without the need to install agent software on target servers. The software records everything from the BIOS level to logging in; from running software applications to configuring any part of the operating system, all actions are recorded and saved without exception. The CCVSR offers a central portal to automatically capture and play back video recordings of all data center resources that are accessed via KVM-Over-IP Switches. In addition, the software deployment is highly scalable and flexible to support server room setups of all sizes, giving IT managers the ability to start small and expand as needed.


Data centers can utilize CCVSR to capture evidence or trace the root cause of technical issues, playing back previous sessions to troubleshoot and resolve problems. The software can also be used to audit and control compliance procedures to ensure operational integrity. It allows IT managers to review every action that takes place on the server. If there is a server outage, IT managers can determine the root cause of the problem by replaying each user session on the problematic server. This is especially useful for organizations that utilize third-party vendors to support IT functions. The software quickly helps IT managers document every remote KVM session accessed from internal personnel and external contractors, providing full coverage of all actions in a bullet-proof system for future auditing.