ATEN Launches Variants of High Quality Streaming Solutions to Perform Multiple Tasks Smoothly

ATEN, the leading provider of AV/IT connectivity and management solutions, recently unveiled the high-quality live streaming solutions UC9040 All-in-one Multi-channel AV Mixer and UC3021, a portable video capture device for mobile and game streaming. The UC9040 is designed to simplify streaming workflow – integrate 1080p video capture, video recorder, video switch, streaming encoder, video converter, video splitter, and audio mixer and CAMLIVE+. It is specially designed for streaming live indoors and outdoors and gives users the most convenient and easy way to stream professional quality videos. Crafted for vlogging, gaming, conferences, education, worship, and any real-time event.

Companies and schools are adopting teleworking, remote classes, and live streaming to prevent a large number of people from gathering at a specific location. ATEN’s products and solutions are used in a variety of ways and serve as a kind of quarantine tool during these pandemic. These high quality products are designed keeping in mind the requirements of professionals in this digital world. Carrying lots of heavy equipment for pro-level mobile livestreaming has always been a pain for video content creators. With its lightweight design and hot shoe adapter, CAMLIVE+ can be mounted on the top of your camera or on any mounting system.” said Shyam Tambatkar at ATEN

CAMLIVE Plus-HDMI to USB-C UVC Video Capture with PD3.0 Power Pass-Through (UC3021)

CAMLIVE Plus UVC video capture (UC3021) is designed for mobile streaming, which delivers unencrypted captured raw data to your USB-C/Thunderbolt 3 laptop or Android phone for post-editing or live-streaming. The 60W USB-C power delivery pass-through can also charge a laptop or Android phone, the power profile includes 5V/9V/15V/20V. HDMI loop-out port features latency-free, hassle-free video preview suitable for gaming streamers with real-time playing experience. Plug and Play allow users to work well on Windows and Mac systems without installing drivers. The resulting video can be further processed in any third-party software – Open Broadcaster Software (OBS), CameraFi, XSplit, Twitch, Youtube, Facebook, etc. Just set up your camera and direct your show anywhere. Additionally, with a camera mount adapter, CAMLIVE Plus can be easily installed on any mounting system. The compact and aesthetic design provides an intuitive, high-quality live streaming/video editing experience. The product comes with one CAMLIVE™+HDMI to USB-C UVC Video Capture with Power Pass-Through, USB-C to USB-A Cable, USB-C to USB-C Cable, Camera Mount Adapter, Warranty Card and a User Instructions.

StreamLIVE PRO All-in-one Multi-channel AV Mixer (UC9040)

The StreamLIVE PRO is a portable, all-in-one, multi-channel audio/video mixer device that integrates a 1080p video capture, video recorder, video switch, stream broadcaster, video converter, video splitter, and audio mixer into one compact box. The StreamLIVE PRO provides an intuitive app, making it easy to monitor, edit image layouts, and DVE, PiP or PbP settings. There are eight stunning DVE transitions including circle drop, window slice, polka dot, circle open, fade, heart, cross hatch and random square. The StreamLIVE PRO is PC and software-free, and with its well-designed control panel, it makes livestreaming operations smooth and effortless. It allows users to preview video and monitor audio levels before going live with your web broadcast! To get started, simply connect video/audio sources, and an Ethernet with an ATEN app-installed iPad , and you are ready to roll. Whether one is capturing, editing or streaming, the StreamLIVE PRO with its ergonomic and practical design is flexible enough to fit all independent live streaming broadcasting environments. With a rich feature set, the StreamLIVE PRO addresses the challenges that independent live streaming broadcasters encounter and provides an easy-to-use solution.