In this summer, the need of the hour is the air conditioner. However, for some people, it might not fit the budget. So, don’t sweat if you are really sad about not getting a decent way to cool yourself. Just try for the next best thing – an air cooler.

No doubt, you might not get the winter kind of chill which is common with most ACs but air coolers are available at one-fourth of the market prices of air conditioners. Not to forget, they are quite cheap and less burden on the electricity bills.

How Do Air Cooler Chill Us?

As you know air coolers are kind of box-like units and they contain fan, pump and water-soaked pads. For using the cooler you must fill it with the right amount of water and as soon as you switch it on, the hot air present in the surrounding gets sucked into the cooler and passes through the water-cool pads.

What Do You Know About Airtek Air Coolers

Airtek is the brand name of the air coolers from JMATEK, a multinational firm that provides best market leading and best home appliances. Not only these are appealing in style but are innovative too. In addition, this firm is in the list of the Fortune 100 companies and quite famous in terms of inventions and manufacturers of air coolers. So, let’s check some of their major air coolers.

Airtek’s Aircoolers

  • AT04XE

This air cooler of Airtek is quite easy to carry and you can install it at any place in your home or office. Designed with strong hooks you can mount it on the wall as per your convenience. It has a front water fill door that assists in refilling easily and the presences of the powerful motor make sure that it provides optimum cooling.

  • AT10XE

This is one of the awesome and eye-catching portable and evaporative air cooler of Airtek. Not only it keeps the atmosphere cool in most of the tiny indoor spaces, like dining area, office, small bedroom, playroom of kids, etc. It contains an angled LED control panel and this helps in keeping the operational functions right in front of your display and the presences of the fully functional remote control keeps you in command as and when you want.

  • AT800AE

Besides being elegant and compact, the AT800AE contains the latest Electric Miser technology, which makes it one of the best and quietest air conditioners in this category. Not to forget, one of the powerful one too.

“It has two modes, Quiet Low and Turbo Mode. The Quiet Low mode simply operates at a quiet and whisper speed of 25 DB while the Turbo Mode functions at 350m3 in each hour. Besides being extremely efficient in terms of energy consumption, it is quite suitable and best one if you want to make some savings in terms of electricity bills.”

Among the various air coolers of the Airtek, this one got better features like off timer, easy mobility, etc. Also, it works easily using inverters and got one of the best elegant water level indicators which is in the shape of glowing water.


There is no harm in trying out the Airtek air coolers. Just go to the nearest air cooler showroom or get accustomed with the features and prices of it from online and make the best purchase. Hurry up, summers came to really be a tough factor to avoid.