October 27, 2020

ASUS Server and Workstation Motherboard Set 18 Benchmark World Records

ASUS announced that the RS700-E9 series rack server and WS C621E SAGE workstation motherboard have been awarded 18top results by the Standard Performance Evaluation Corporation (SPEC)for benchmarks measuring computing-intensive performance, including the SPECrate®2017_Integer, SPECrate2017_fp, and SPECint_rate 2006 metrics. The benchmarks cover diverse applications such as AI, discrete event simulation, explosion modeling, and video compression.
World record-setting performance
The top performance of the record-setting products underscores the ASUS commitment to pursuing continuous system optimization and performance tuning to deliver the highest quality servers and workstations to consumers.
The ASUS RS700-E9 series rack server achieved the top result in the Xeon® Gold 8176 2-socket systems category for SPECrate2017_Integer_base, SPECrate2017_Integer_peak, SPECrate 2017 fp_base, SPECrate2017_fp_peak, SPECint_rate 2006_base, SPECint_rate 2006_peak, and SPECint_2006_base.
ASUS RS700-E9 series rackservers and WS C621E SAGE workstation motherboard
ASUS RS700-E9 series rack serversare engineered to deliver incredible performance and efficiency for the data center in a compact 1U form factor. ASUS RS700-E9 is built on the powerful Intel® Xeon® Scalable Platform, formerly Purley,and features 24 DIMM slots to provide best-in-class memory capacity and bandwidth.
The WS C621E SAGE workstation motherboard delivers the highest performance for diverse application requirements and workloads. It features support for dual Intel Xeon Scalable family processors, highly expandable super-fast storage options, 12 DDR4 memory slots and pure PCIe Gen3 x16 link 4-way graphics.
ASUS servers and workstations both come with the embedded ASMB9-iKVM module and ASUS Control Center management softwareto provide convenient, secure and cost-saving centralized in-band and out-of-band management.