Astrum plans to launch UV light sterilizer models in India to fight viruses and germs on phones, keys and more

Astrum, a renowned technology brand known for its innovation and intelligent solutions is planning to launch its UV light sterilizer models – Lighting UVC Sterilizer UV100 and Type-C UVC Sterilizer UV200 to help clear harmful germs, bacteria, and viruses by May 15, 2020. Defining its engineering brilliance, these sterilizers have the capability to kill 99.9% pathogens using ultraviolet (UV) light within a few seconds.

Both the models have small body with large energy and are portable with strong sterilization ability by deep UV light.  You can use them whenever, wherever. Whether they’re a wand, box or bag, drench your items with UV light that will eliminate the bad stuff from the keyboard, mouse, mousepad, mobile phone, tableware, toothbrush, vehicle steering, keys, glasses, toys, and other personal items. These products will help sterilize the invisible germs and bacteria that live on our surrounding surfaces and keep floating in the air.

Speaking about the upcoming technology, Manoj Kumar Pansari, Chairman and Managing Director, Astrum says, “At Astrum we strive to bring out innovative products that suit the people with time. Today as COVID-19 is spreading all over the country, we intent to launch products in health category in India to help people fight the virus more effectively. Therefore we will be soon coming up with more new technology products apart from UV light Sterilizer such as thermal scanner that measures the temperature of the COVID-19 suspected patients, Air Purifier which will purify the air in the entire room, Automatic Sensor based  Hand Sanitizer to avoid the need of pressing the button, etc.

We have started distributing these products to the corporate, but we are launching for homes and consumers too soon. Right now, we are manufacturing these products in China, and soon we will start manufacturing these products in our factory which is in Tirupathi. Once we start Making in India, we can give the price benefit to the Indian users; we can also supply products to the partners with short notice–within 1-3 days.”

Amit Singh, Country Head, Astrum Electronics India Pvt Ltd, adds, “The COVID-19 epidemic has put everybody in a tough situation. “Stay home Stay safe”, “lockdown”, “pandemic”, “moratorium”, “isolation”, “quarantine” are words which are used more than any other word in our life now a days. Similarly, “Sanitizations” & “Sterilization” have been scrolling everywhere too. We at Astrum wants to clarify the difference about sanitization and sterilization as peoples are confused and actually trying to sanitize Toothbrush, mobile phone, writing pen, kid’s toys, stationary, vehicles/apartments keys, doorbells, TV/AC remote many more daily items are frequently cleaned using regular sanitizer instead of sterilizing it. This result in damage of the electronic items due to its liquid form and Equivalently it’s not safe for kids and their toys and accessories as well. As a result, we have introduced range of products which is safe and will surely meet the challenges faced by every individual in daily routine to Help Fight COVID-19 Confidently. We have already launched these products abroad and they will be available in India by May 15th. Our partners are showing interest in these products and we also have partners who can supply these products to the end users in the healthcare segment.”