“Asti Infotech, a customizable GPS Tracking Solutions provider in India”.- Ms.Sunity Choudhary -Co-Founder and COO of Asti Infotech

An exclusive interview with IT.Voice, Ms.Sunity Choudhary -Co-Founder and COO of Asti Infotech,reveals his strategies for business in India .
Sunity Choudhary, Co-Founder and COO of Asti Infotech
IT Voice Media:-Explain briefly about working of ASTI Infotech?
Ms.Sunity Choudhary:-Asti Infotech is a mobility and internet and IoT-based solutions company, solving real life problems for schools, companies and individual customers, using the latest in technology. We are backed by a strong technical team and a group of experienced and passionate mentors from the best technology and business schools of India. Commitment to innovation and encouragement of new ideas is the cornerstone of our philosophy. Our mission is to create happy and satisfied clients who consider us partners in their growth.
IT Voice Media:-What sort of facilities you provide in Trakom Solution?
Ms.Sunity Choudhary:-Trakom is a parent-school communication and tracking solution running on smart phones. It’s developed on Android and IOS platforms, using technologies like GPS, RFID and NFC. Following is the list of main features –
  • Parents can see their kids’ transport on real time at the time of boarding/de-boarding or while moving.
  • Parents can get notified the way they desire – notification/SMS , voice/text, how much time in advance they want to be notified about kids bus arrival
  • Teachers can share homework over the app
  • Food menu can be shared on app itself – for the schools providing meals at school
  • School can publish notices, event and Holiday calendar on app itself
  • Teachers and parents can have a closed chatting group where messages, pictures and videos can be shared with required regulations
  • Attendance can be automated and parents notified for absence and early leaving from school
  • Schools can have control over the kind of communication they want to maintain to keep required transparency
  • Schools are informed about real time movement of buses and can take timely action in case of a breakdown or any other emergency
For more details please visithttp://www.astiinfotech.com/solutions/school-bus-gps-tracking-system/
IT Voice Media:-Tell us about Asti’s Comprehensive School ERP Solution
Ms.Sunity Choudhary:-Our School ERP system handles complete resource planning for schools. It’s a web based solution, through which all the required information made available to parents and school at any point of time. Planning is made easier, efficient, optimal and transparent for everybody. Main features-
  •  Admission management – Starting from Admission of a student, class promotion on academic year change, school leaving , all the records can be managed on portal
  • Student Information Management – Keeps complete student information including documents at one place for any time reference or audit
  • Class/Subject Management – Schools can configure their classes/sections/subjects offered as they wish
  • Fee Managment – Different Fee plans can be maintained, Reminder for fee due can be sent automatically and fee payment record maintained electronically to avoid any discrepancy
  • Exam/Result Management – Exam results can be published on portal for anytime viewing for parents
  • TImetable Management –Timetable can be managed at portal itself
  • Noticeboard – All Notices can be published on portal for saving time and reducing confusion
  • Homework – Homework can be shared on portal with parents
  • Holiday/Event Calendar can be maintained at the same place
For more details please visit http://www.astiinfotech.com/solutions/ERP-for-school/
IT Voice Media:-Where do you see Indian Market in Mobility and Internet based Solutions Business?
The market for these solutions is only warming up for a much larger presence. The growth potential is huge.
IT Voice Media:-Asti Fleet Management (AFM) Solution is the perfect solution for all such employees. How?
Ms.Sunity Choudhary:-AFM is corporate fleet management solution, capable of handling different commute modes such as fixed-route buses, shift-based shuttles, individual cab requests and so on. While for employees it provides a handy tool on their smart phones for real-time tracking of their assigned vehicle, transport department gets a way to maintain their fleet efficiently and optimally with minimum resources required to manage it. Following features make it a must-have solution for corporates-
  • · Real time tracking of vehicles
  • · Roster planning based on advance algorithm for most efficient and optimaloperations
  • · Timely alerts to right people on over-speeding and route diversions
  • · Communication in real-time in case of change in route or vehicle due to legitimate reasons
  • · Employee while on move have a SoS button to raise alarm (in time) in case of emergency, and share ride to share it with family and friend to keep them tension-free
  • · Odd hours commute are made secure with IVR cross verification of boarding and de-boarding
  • · Regulation such as escort for night pick up and drop for a female employee are ensured and enforced
  • · Driver feedback can be submitted to transport admin anonymously and in real time
  • · Better equipped to handle situations like breakdowns, delay and driver absence, etc.
  • · All relevant reports made available for management and transport department to analyze and improve
For more details please visithttp://www.astiinfotech.com/solutions/vehicle-tracking-system/
IT Voice Media:-How do you get inspired to develop these innovative transformative solutions?
Ms.Sunity Choudhary:-New innovations in technology inspire us. Problems in everyday life throw challenges to us and inspire us to take on them. Every advancement in technology opens up avenues to solve more problems from everyday life.
When I am able to track my private cab on the move on my phone or order my grocery from my phone, I think why can’t I track my office shuttle or my kid’s school bus in real time. Or, why I can’t see my child’s homework or fee or field trip notices from school in a single app. The emerging technologies can make a world of difference in every aspect of our lives.
IT Voice Media:-What sort of target you set to your employees?
Ms.Sunity Choudhary:-We give our employees grand targets, only great milestones can inspire great work from people. Our business, technical and sales teams are geared up to work on aggressive targets. Our Business team works continuously on analysing the market trends to keep pace with it while our research team has its focus on continuous improvement of products with latest developments in machine to machine communication.
IT Voice Media:-After completing masters in Engineering why did you choose this field?
Ms.Sunity Choudhary:-I would say why not. I am an engineer. Technology and solving problems are my twin passions, so here I am doing what keeps me going.
IT Voice Media:-Where do you see your company in present scenario right from the first day of your company?
Ms.Sunity Choudhary:-Asti was founded in 2013, with a single minded purpose of exploiting the new technologies on the horizon at that time to place simple and handy solutions in the hands of a fast growing potential customer base in the mobile and internet space.
IT Voice Media:- Lastly what are your future plans with this company?
Ms.Sunity Choudhary:-Asti continues to mine new technologies to expand its product line and customer reach, the twin objectives in their plans for the next few years. Over the next five years, we foresee ourselves as a well-established technology driven company offering solutions that enhance the lives of its customers and users. The company aims to become profitable by 2019 and over the next 5 years, tap 20-30% of market in at least a couple of verticals.