ASIRT celebrates 77th Techday by hosting technology innovators like Com-Sur and K7 Security Also, announces the re-launch of Gold Membership program to drive excellence in Business Practices

The Association of System Integrators and Retailers in Technology (ASIRT), celebrated the 7th year in running, with the November Techday being the 77th monthly gathering for the SI and IT Retailer community in Mumbai. To mark this special occasion, ASIRT hosted two innovative technology brands that showcased their futuristic and disruptive ideas, talking about the potential partner befits which will help ASIRT Members to transition from Products and services to integrated solutions. The event also witnessed a small presentation by founder director, Mr. Chetan Shah, who spoke about the futuristic vision for growth for the SI community and also re-launched the Gold Membership program. Mr. Jatin Popat of WillJini was the Evolve speaker for the evening, talking about the Importance of Succession Planning for Personal and Business Wealth. 

The evening began with the opening address welcoming all guests. Then the dais was taken over by Mr. Gautam Goradia, CEO & MD, Hayagriva Software (P) Ltd., the parent company for Com-Sur, world’s only CCTV Video footage auditing, smart back-up and intelligent reporting software. Speaking about the pressing need for a smart solution to access, audit and leverage the endless visual data collected by surveillance CCTV cameras, Mr Goradia shared insights into how the technology can be used for creating safer communities. From application across schools, religious places of worship, city and public places, Banks and financial institutes, Animal shelters, orphanages and even in case of corporate and law enforcement areas, Com-Sur has been created an enviable portfolio of solutions that helps enhance the safety and security of the premises through effective auditing of the video footage. With a special focus on preventing child abuse, animal abuse and trafficking, and security of religious premises in the wake of the ongoing international terrorist threats, Com-Sur has been providing complementary services as a form of giving back to the society. Speaking about the need for this solution and effective ways to leverage the technology, Mr. Goradia said, “Today CCTV’s are capturing huge amounts of visual data that can be effectively utilised, if audited well, to create a safer and kinder communities. We are the missing pieces of the CCTV surveillance system, helping them to optimise the value from the network. Currently, nobody looks at CCTV camera footage because it is simply cumbersome and huge. With our innovative technology at Com-Sur, we enable auditing the video footage by compressing it, without missing anything. So essentially, users of Com-Sur can have a helicopter view from a multiple CCTV Camera network and can view 24 hrs of footage in 24 minutes. In the backdrop on increasing instances of child abuse, violence at school or small crimes/ frauds that go un-reported, Com-Sur enabled video auditing can be extremely vital and insightful to help authorities take preventive and proactive measures for the security of their premises and wards. In addition to the compressing auditing of Video footage, we also offer Cloud based storage facility, where tera-bytes of data can be compressed and stored as Giga Bytes on cloud platform. This comes handy in case of theft after a crime where the loss of the CCTV results in the loss of data. Which can be averted with Com-Sur. Lastly, after identifying an incident during the audit, the software automatically raises standardised incident report, answering the vital Who, Why, When, Where, How and if there is a video to support the claim. This, in turn, can be significant in investigative procedures.  As a 100% partner oriented business, we are looking to collaborate with SI’s to educate the end consumers, spread awareness, and help customers to get more value out of their CCTV network by deploying and managing the Com-Sur software, in-turn gaining larger customer base due to the innovative and intelligent solution. We are looking at extremely value oriented and long term growth opportunities for partners and ASIRT is the right platform of SI’s for us to come to.”

Next speaker for the evening was Mr. Raman Balasubramanian, Regional Sales Head – West, Central, and East, for K7 Computing. Highlighting the need for dedicated, reliable, and convenient cyber-security solution provider, Mr Balasubramanian, showcased innovative solutions for enterprises, provided by K7 Security. With unique features like convenience, low bandwidth, options for an on-premise and cloud based deployments as well as futuristic solutions for endpoint and fire wall protection, K7 Security offers easy cyber security packages complete with 365 days of customer service and multi-language support with video tutorials. Speaking about their strong commitment to quality, reliability, and strong ties with the partner community for mutual growth, Mr Balasubramaniam said, “As a 27 year old company, our products and services are very well known and received by the partner community as well as the end users across India. However, interactions and engagement with the partner network is vital to the growth and success of K7 Computing as these help us to reach out to the SME, SMB and the Enterprise segment. We showcased some of our latest product offerings and solution on the ASIRT platform today with the hope of long term collaboration and to add to our network of partners. As a premier association of decision makers and seasoned SI’s, ASIRT is an ideal platform for us to engage with our stakeholders and we are happy with the curiosity and response our presentation has received so far. We look forward to a long time association with ASIRT and its Members.”

Next up for the evening was a short but inspiring presentation by founder director, Mr Chetan Shah, who spoke about the need for change, the significance of being future ready in order to remain relevant and survive and the importance of quality and high standards of service. Re-launching the ‘Gold Membership’ program of ASIRT, Mr Shah spoke about the 7 year long journey of ASIRT, its underlying philosophy of growth through learning and collaboration and the futuristic trends in the industry that are going to make the current format of business redundant. Highlighting the need to change, Mr Shah urged Members to focus on quality and higher standards of service, Vs being a cost-effective products and solutions provider, thereby transforming themselves to face the future business scenario. Urging Members to take up the ‘Gold Membership’, Mr Shah elaborated that it was a free of cost Membership that only requires Members to vouch for higher service delivery based on the guidelines set by ASIRT. In return, ASIRT would provide them the ‘Gold Member’ batch that is an official endorsement of the SI/ retailer, by ASIRT. 

The last session for the evening was by Evolve Speaker, Mr. Jatin Popat of WillJini, who shed light on the importance of succession planning, the pitfalls, and the benefits. Through his presentation, Mr. Popat shared insights into the legal and familial complications of lack of succession planning, the pitfalls of inaccurate or untimely generation of the ‘Will’ and the smaller intricacies one should keep in mind when actually creating a Will document. The session was met with a lot of intrigue and several Members shared their quires about the issue, making in an engaging event. The high octane discussion spilled over to the Network dinner, ending the evening at a high note!