February 27, 2021

Asia Powercom Launches IND801 UPS

Asia Powercom launched IND801 UPS for PC, workstation PC or server. IND801 provides an unmatched 30mins power backup to a standalone PC. It is designed to provide longer power backup, and protects the PC from power impurities. It uses double power Yuasa battery for faster charging and longer power backup.


Tejas  Sheth, Country Manager at Asia Powercom,  said, “We have designed IND801 UPS to provide longer power backup to PC, workstation PC or even server. 30mins of power backup at this price is our USP. It has been tested under different conditions and we assure our customers for an impurity less continuous power backup for 30mins.  Partners in the market are aware that Asia Powercom products deliver on par to what they claim.”