Ambrane is proud to be the largest homegrown power bank brand in India, committed to selling value for money products. We are eying on taking a lead in the fitness gadgets segment as well – Ashok Rajpal, Ambrane India, Full Interview

Ashok Rajpal

Ashok Rajpal (Managing Director -Ambrane India)

Established in the year 2012, Ambrane is an indigenous electronics brand from India that has earned a name for manufacturing high-quality products in the country. Right from the day of conception the company has focussed on manufacturing products in India thus supporting the Make In India initiative. Ambrane is the first company in India to manufacture Power Banks in India. Mr.Ashok Rajpal is the Managing Director of Ambrane. Recently, he was in conversation with team IT-Voice where he answered questions related to the organization, industry, and the future ahead. Here is an excerpt from the brief interaction:

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Prateek: From the apparels business to becoming the face of India-made power banks, tell us about the journey of Ambrane.

Ashok Rajpal: The journey of bringing up Ambrane into the Indian Market has been quite interesting and struggling. Starting and building up with IT Peripherals, and one after the other onto transitioning into manufacturing one of the leading power banks in India, we can agree that we have had a fair share of challenges throughout the journey. Nonetheless, we always held on to our goals and our vision has stayed rock-solid ever since and would remain further on in the company’s career. Since quite the beginning of the Ambrane’s journey, we have always believed in the Make-in-India Movement long before it even started. Accomplishing company goals and aims, we have now expanded our vision to 360° by manufacturing all of our products in India only.

Prateek: What is the vision behind Ambrane? With over 400+ service centers across the country how significant is after-sales assistance for Ambrane?

Ashok Rajpal: We have a clear aim and approach for the sales of our products and building up brand value alongside. Which has always been to prioritize our customers above everything else, as they are the ones who will be using our products on a daily basis and well their feedbacks do matter to us a lot. Assisting our customers and providing them the best services to meet their satisfaction as well, it has also been our primary motive and will stay the same. Our team at Ambrane is always dedicated and eager to help and provide the services that our customer needs and to mention a fact, we are always easily approachable. Along with the on-market assistance and having 400+ service centers across the country, we are quite active on all social media platforms, and in addition to that, we have dedicated WhatsApp support for our customers. Our approach has always been clear that we prioritize our customers above everything else.

Prateek: What will be the company’s strategy to compete with global brands like Xiaomi?

Ashok Rajpal: Since the very start Ambrane has always believed in the Make-in-India movement, we have always been a keen supporter and do focus on outgrowing homegrown products and eventually distributing Made in India products in PAN India markets. Through time, now more and more people in our country are inclining towards the homegrown brands and relying upon more of our Indian-made products rather than high priced imported goods.

Putting some light on the price point of our products, we are happy to say that our high-quality products are value-for-money, durable and we deliver the best for customer satisfaction.

Prateek: What trends will dominate the wearable gadgets market in the coming time?

Ashok Rajpal: After the pandemic hit, the awareness for health and fitness is rising in the people. Nowadays, awareness of Fitness gadgets has now become a necessity. Everyone wants to wear it and keep up with the trends. Therefore, we have focused on developing a range of smart wearable gadgets with smartwatches as well as TWS. With the latest features and integration of IoT, these smartwatches will easily blend with modern fitness routines and will be highly beneficial.

Prateek: Which product segment brings the most traction for the organization?

Ashok Rajpal: Our star seller is the power bank that we manufacture in India itself. Our customers have given us above 4.5-star ratings on eCommerce platforms for the power banks and these are truly preferred by our customers.

Ambrane is proud to be the largest homegrown power bank brand in India, committed to selling value for money products. We want to keep our legacy of manufacturing innovative products in India ahead. Additionally, we are eying on taking a lead in the fitness gadgets segment as well.

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