We are following the ‘Make-in-India’ vision and it is a perfect manufacturing roadmap for the future

Ashish P. Dhakan, MD & CEO, Prama Hikvision India Pvt. Ltd

Ashish P. Dhakan, MD & CEO, Prama Hikvision India Pvt. Ltd

Mr. Ashish P. Dhakan, MD & CEO, Prama Hikvision India Pvt. Ltd. was recently in conversation with team IT-Voice on the year-end 2021, organization, and the upcoming year 2022. Here is a brief from the interaction:

Prateek: How was the company’s performance in the year 2021?

Ashish P. Dhakan: The company performed very well despite the challenges faced due to the pandemic scenario. We were excited to serve the growing demand for CCTV after a long spell of pandemic impact. The surge in demand is spurring the growth of the security industry. It was a great learning experience for all of us to go through the various phases of pandemic challenges and recovery. We had the resilience and innovative strategies on our side to communicate and engage the target audience in a simple and effective manner. We are following the ‘Make-in-India’ vision and it is a perfect manufacturing roadmap for the future.

The key priority for our management leadership at Hikvision India is to keep on innovating and evolving as an organization while navigating through the evolving challenges and opportunities. We have set the strategic priorities of our goals based on capacity, capital, and capability. Our focused marketing initiatives are based on the evolving market trends, technology advantages, customer and employee demand for societal impact. The customer expectations are very high, there is an intense pressure to deliver results despite increasing competition, economic uncertainty, and upheaval.

Prateek: Who would you like to thank for a wonderful year?

Ashish P. Dhakan: We are grateful to our channel partners and end-users for showing extraordinary resilience and impeccable trust. We are also thankful to the security professional community comprising dealers, distributors, installers, system integrators, and consultants.

We are a pure-play business-to-business channel-driven company based on growth, mutual trust, and long-term relationship. We work through partners to empower the network and invest resources to spur growth. Our channel partner network is going through a robust growth and expansion cycle. The channel partners are the real heroes of our success story.

Prateek: What products were most liked by the customers last year?

Ashish P. Dhakan: Hikvision India offers comprehensive product offerings across the product segments of Video Security, Access Control, Intrusion Alarm, Inspection, and Perimeter Security. The end customers’ reaffirmed their faith in our innovative Video Security (ColourVu and AcuSense Range of video security cameras) and Access Control (MinMoe Face Recognition Terminals and Video Door Phones). Our Intrusion Alarm and Inspection products (AX Hub, Emergency Call Box, and Smart Poll) generated lots of interest among end-users.

Prateek: What will be the company’s strategies for the forthcoming year?

Ashish P. Dhakan: Our go-to-market strategy for the Indian market hinges on the Customer Centricity and diversified marketing programs we continue to implement as per the evolving market scenarios. The effective Partner Program spurs the growth of the channel so it remains the most important part of the channel expansion strategy. Meticulous planning and execution of the Partner Program certainly help to create the conditions for success. It presents partner an opportunity to grow the business and expand profitability. We value the Partner Program immensely as it provides the best results for growth. It further helps in maintaining opportunities in legacy products while opening new revenue streams in emerging technologies.

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