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“Artificial intelligence has been growing since its inception in 1956.”- Dr. Shreeram Iyer, Chairman and Group Chief Executive Officer, Prisma AI

"Artificial intelligence has been growing since its inception in 1956."- Dr. Shreeram Iyer, Chairman and Group Chief Executive Officer, Prisma AI

Here’s the interview snippet from the interaction with Dr. Shreeram Iyer, Chairman and Group Chief Executive Officer, Prisma AI.

Saumya: Tell us the history of Artificial Intelligence?

Shreeram: Artificial intelligence has been growing since its inception in 1956. It has then grown from a simple concept to one of the leading elements in today’s technology driven world. In the present day, almost all technologies are based off artificial intelligence, ranging from self-driving cars to actual robots in development. We have virtual assistants who can effectively converse with us, as well as control the electronic devices of our houses. Artificial intelligence is a term that is rapidly growing with technology, and vice versa. There is no true upper limit to what can be achieved with artificial intelligence in the future.

Saumya: Give us an overview of Prisma AI and its journey so far?

Shreeram: Prisma AI is a global pioneer in providing visual artificial intelligence-based solutions. Specializing in predictive information technologies, more specifically Visual based Artificial Intelligence applications for body behavioral analysis, sentiment analysis along with OCR, Image, Video, Face, and Object Recognition.

Prisma AI strives for Pragmatic Visual based AI solutions using its proprietary core computer vision platform Gryphos, for organizations to implement practical applications like automatic number plate recognition, security surveillance, illegal object detection, smart parking systems and many more similar innovations. Prisma AI believes that the potential of Artificial Intelligence towards empowering the society is limitless. The influence this technology can have on the growth journey of all organizations, individuals and society is what drives Prisma AI to become an active contributor towards shaping a better future.

When Prisma AI started, it was just a company focusing on text recognition. It was 1982 when four ex-IBMers started it as Prisma Global GmbH with just two customers. Gradually, the company gained more customers. Finally, it entered a partnership with Patni Computer Systems in 2003 that changed the company’s focus from text to image recognition. The significant turn of events started in 2008when Prisma AI developed its patented algorithm, Gryphos, to standardize an image recognition operating system platform. For the next few years, the company was able to get deals with the East German Police and Interpol. In 2017, Prisma AI Corp. Pte Ltd. was incorporated with its headquarters in Singapore.

Saumya: What is the technology used by Prisma AI, and the industry caters too?

Shreeram: Prisma AI offers a variety of Visual AI-based solutions, each utilizing computer vision to assist in various tasks, such as surveillance, access, analytics, and more. These solutions include products such as Facial recognition, object detection, body behavioral analysis, video recognition, sentimental analysis and more. Each of these products have various applications such as Access surveillance, illegal object detection, Theft detection, and many more.

Prisma AI believes that Artificial Intelligence is the next step to technological evolution and building an empowered society that makes full use of the potential AI provides. We leverage AI and computer vision to build Visual-AI based products and solutions using our patented computer vision platform Gryphos, to develop and train state-of-the-art solutions for almost every technological hurdle. We empower traditional technology like manual surveillance, entry gates in various industries, and more with AI-powered solutions which automate their functions, ensuring less manpower is used and diverted to more important tasks.

All of Prisma AI’s products are developed using our in-house patented platform, Gryphos, which allows scalability and flexibility to each product and solution to be trained and improved as required or adapted to any client’s requirements easily. We possess a library list of APIs which gives our clients the flexibility to choose their desired applications as they see fit and allowing us to better tailor our offerings to their needs.

Prisma AI caters to a variety of industries including banking & finance, aviation, infrastructure, security, education, events, manufacturing and several more. With the rise of contactless, smart technology powered and driven by artificial intelligence, various industries are in need of newer technologies to adapt

Saumya: What are the plans of investments and funding?

Shreeram: Prisma AI is investing and expanding into the US Market along with few acquisitions in Europe and Singapore, the thought process being to expand the product, tech portfolio and strengthen the market reach of the existing product and envisage the market for the correct merchants. The goal being to create traction and awareness of the potential of artificial intelligence in enhancing user quality of life. We are further investing into the development of smart technologies which can analyze and identify the nature and type of any given object, deduce body movements and gestures, drone surveillance and match user faces with their personal data to allow entry, along with graphology based cognitive AI.

Saumya: What are your plans for expansion? Top priorities for 2023?

Shreeram: Within two years, the company witnessed impressive growth with significant advances in AI and machine learning (ML) enabled expansion of visual recognition solutions and better training of AI models and accuracy. Prisma AI has expanded its network to other countries such as the US. Our priorities are to deliver state-of-the-art technologies with applications in every sector such as education, aviation, infrastructure, logistics and more. With the rising prevalence of AI-based technologies, Prisma AI seeks to adapt to the market’s demands and deliver quality products. The company plans to grow by signing more production partners in various geographies. Looking at the rate of growth, it will not be long before Prisma AI will cater to clients all over the globe.

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