Artezio Introduces iLikeSLIDE – The Instagram App For Slideshows Creation And Broadcast

 card-imageThe online iLikeSLIDE service developed by Artezio is a free app that was designed to easily create and display slideshows from Instagram pictures using various filters. There is no need to register to access the service, new users just sign in at with their Instagram accounts. With the iLikeSLIDE app it becomes possible to filter pictures from Instagram by tags, location or both together and to automatically start a fine slideshow as a result. The location can be chosen by setting a point on the map or selecting a place of interest using the Instagram Foursquare service. 

It is possible to watch created slideshows in a standard or full-screen mode on any smartphones, tablets, computers, and even TVs and to share it with friends. The application can be helpful not only as an entertaining personal service for Instagram users, but also for corporate purposes, for example to display slideshows during concerts, exhibitions, and other performances and events on Web or straight at the show on big screens. The application can also be used by the companies dealing with large-scale advertising campaigns, competitions or just for keeping up clients’ interest to their work or for internal corporate purposes. The slideshows are automatically and permanently replenished with new pictures being added in Instagram and filtered by relevant locations and tags.

Denis Romanovsky, Artezio CTO: “Every day a great number of Instagram users place millions of pictures and spend hours surfing their friends’ news and photos. We decided to make it convenient to look at Instagram pictures not only on smartphones, but also on PCs and TVs. We have developed iLikeSLIDE, to have an opportunity to use our Instagram pictures to create beautiful and new slideshows in a few clicks. iLikeSLIDE has been created by people who just like Instagram and would like to share a new way to use it.

The application is completely free, has no full-fledged analogues, and is available at In upcoming iLikeSLIDE features it will become possible to create slideshows from “liked” pictures and pictures from your subscriptions as well as watch Instagram movies within the slideshow.