ARISPlex Delivers Business Focused Analyses Of Robotics, Automation And Intelligent Systems Trends

arisplex_logoMYRIA RAS, Inc. announced the launch of, an open, business-to-business portal that focuses on automation, robotics and intelligent systems trends. ARISPlex delivers primary research, insights and actionable analysis, all designed to facilitate informed business decision making (see

According to Dan Kara, Chief Research Officer and Co-Founder, MYRIA RAS, “The topics of robotics, automation and intelligent systems receive much coverage in the media. Unfortunately, the rush to print, post and comment does not result insight, nor often even news, but noise. ARISPlex is different. ARISPlex answers the ‘So What?’ question, emphasizing the critical implications and ramifications of robotics and automation announcements and initiatives, particularly as they relate to business and market development. In this way, ARISPlex acts as the authoritative voice for those using robotics, automation and intelligent systems technologies to enhance operational effectiveness and drive business.

The ARISPlex Difference

ARISPlex was designed to serve those that can benefit from automation, robotics and intelligent systems technologies in a way that brings value to its readers, and better supports the market. Highlights include:

Myria-Logo-344x135Analyses, Insight and Research – ARISPlex provides informed analysis of, and insights into, robotics and automation news, announcements, breakthroughs and other initiatives. The resulting “research lite” is designed to be actionable by business and technology decision makers across a variety of vertical market sectors. In addition, primary research from MYRIA and other sources is freely available to registered users. Analysts also pen opinions pieces.

Rigorous, Methodological, Consensual – The ARISPlex editors and analysts employ a rigorous methodology to review and vet material as a team. Analysis is by consensus, thereby insuring its correctness and increasing its value to the reader.

Quick and Compete – ARISPlex content is structured to be read and parsed quickly, yet provide deep understanding.

Business Benefits – ARISPlex analyses largely speak to business issues and economic concerns, as well as the intersection of the same with scientific breakthroughs, technology advances, social issues, investment trends, political developments and other business drivers.

Independence – ARISPlex editors and analysts are independent of outside sources. The ARISPlex website accepts no advertising from 3rd parties.

Community Outreach – ARISPlex is designed to serve a highly qualified and engaged community of business and technology leaders. Community outreach includes the website, MYRIA research, social networking sites, events and more.