January 25, 2021

ArchChat: The first-ever communication & collaboration platform for architecture, interior and construction projects

ArchChat, an innovative communication platform for architecture, interior and construction projects has become an industry disruptor by cutting project timelines by at least 20%. The platform brings distinct project stakeholders such as project owners, architects, interior designers, various engineering consultants, contractors, and product sellers on a single platform to collaborate on live projects. ArchChat provides communication privacy amongst different collaborators and improves communication trackability by offering dedicated provisions for each space, drawing, design, and product.

ArchChat promotes an internationally diverse community by letting collaborators chat in their own language while delivering them to another collaborator in their language. More than just a chat platform, ArchChat is a complete workspace. It lets collaborators build personal design libraries from which any design can easily be shared.

Speaking about addressing the gap in the industry, Principal Designer and Founder of Archchat, Chetan K. Singh stated, “Today, communication gaps are responsible for project delays. Almost all small to medium project communications happen over messaging platforms like WhatsApp, Line, Telegram, WeChat and email. This results in information becoming scattered across media, making it difficult to track communication and progress. Formerly, we created iSticker as a team collaboration platform to allow studio teams to create personal design libraries, mood boards, cost estimates, and publish designs and services on its gallery. In our quest to keep innovating, we created an integrated collaboration platform on which both internal and external teams could participate. To emphasise that this platform was meant for the architecture and design industry, we changed its name from iSticker to ArchChat. We have made collaboration on small to medium-sized projects easy by providing ArchChat for free to design professionals and project owners”.

ArchChat’s Gallery is used to find new products and designs. As soon as a product is selected for a project its seller automatically joins the collaboration process. ArchChat is the only marketplace where product sellers get inbound business leads and become part of the collaborative process. ArchChat also has a flavour of social media. Design professionals publish their projects and designs on ArchChat bringing them to the attention of the global design community and project owners. They can also publish services to work with new collaborators.

Currently, ArchChat has over 9,500 users, employed by architects and designers from India, Italy, Russia, UAE, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Australia. The user base continues to grow rapidly month on month. ArchChat Pte. Limited is headquartered in Singapore with its innovation hub and development centre in Gurgaon.