AppSense Releases New Analytics Platform AppSense Insight

AppSense, User Environment Management (UEM) company, has Launched  a latest analytics platform named AppSense Insight.

This new solution aims to provide IT with actionable intelligence Appsenceabout their end user client computing environment for increased user productivity, security and compliance, while managing and reducing costs at the same time.

The solution was created as the company saw a pent up demand for an analytical product which provides an end user computing view on the desktop,According to AppSense.

“With AppSense Insight, IT teams can understand exactly what’s happening on their endpoints using metrics such as user logon times, privileges assigned versus what was actually used, application usage, user density per server and CPU consumption,” AppSense marketing senior vice-president, Ravi Khatod, said.

He added that it enables IT teams to understand what users are experiencing, respond quickly to impending issues, and take pre-emptive steps to ensure that their migration projects will be successful.

The solution works by providing actionable intelligence through the gathering of data previously available from endpoints, blending it with third party feeds, and further merging it with deep institutional knowledge of the workspace.

AppSense claimed that in many cases, it even replaces the need for data analysts to decipher cryptic raw data.

AppSense Insight is available as an optional module with its user environment management suite, DesktopNow, and other complementary system management tools that enable policy-based responses to endpoint activity.