Apps that help you type better on phone

appAdvantage of virtual keyboards is they can be swapped or altered for one you like better. Sometimes all it takes is a change in your settings. At most, it requires buying an app. Here’s a sampling of tips and apps.
Turn on predictive text. Device will predict what word you are typing after filling in only a letter or two. Choosing the full word takes just a single tap. The predictions usually improve over time, as the device learns which words you prefer. So the more you use it, the more time it will save you.
Fleksy, a free iPhone app meant to help the visually impaired, can help you type without looking at all. Just tap where you think letters belong on a keyboard. When you have completed a word, flick the screen to the right.

Fleksy will read its guess aloud. Flick down for it to guess similar words. The sloppier you are the better it seems to work. But as with other auxiliary iPhone keyboards, it can’t completely replace the standard keyboard.
Typing expansion is built into Apple products and the free Android app Google Keyboard. For Apple products, go to Settings, then select General and then Keyboard. Click Add a New Shortcut, then enter the abbreviation and phrase you want it to become. In Google Keyboard, open the app and go to Personal Dictionary. Touch the plus sign and then add your abbreviation and phrase. Press done and the back button.

source : Times of India