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“Apple’s iPhone 15 Plus Production to Begin in India Next Quarter”

Apple is in discussions to begin producing the iPhone 15 Plus in India next quarter, following the successful launch of the lower-priced base model series in the country. Foxconn, a Taiwan-based multinational, will handle the manufacturing of the iPhone 15 Plus.

Apple recently unveiled its latest iPhone series, featuring improved gaming performance and lighter titanium shells for the Pro models, among other updates. The company aims to double its sales in India during the next quarter, offering new releases and price reductions on iPhone 13 and 14 models to attract buyers during the festive season.

Production of the iPhone 15 has already commenced at the Foxconn plant, marking the first time an assembled-in-India iPhone series has been available from launch. However, reports suggest that local manufacturing capacity for the iPhone 15 remains limited, leading Apple to import devices from its primary production hub in China to meet demand, particularly during Indian festivals.

The iPhone 15 Plus is expected to be the next model assembled in India, with production likely to start between October and December. This would mark one of the fastest manufacturing rollouts for a higher-priced model in India.

While Apple has not officially disclosed its new manufacturing plans in India, it’s reported that the company will import the iPhone 15 Plus until its production capabilities are established. The company has factored in the 22% import duties on smartphones and the depreciation of the rupee for its India pricing strategy, making locally manufactured iPhones among the most expensive globally. Nevertheless, Apple expects to double its sales in India despite the higher price tag.

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