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Apple watch may soon identify bands to launch apps and perform other functions

Apple is preparing to introduce a new feature in its upcoming Apple Watch models through a recently filed patent titled ‘Identification of bands for wearable electronic devices.’ The patent showcases Apple’s exploration of the ability to identify and respond to specific watch bands, offering a customized user experience.

Additionally, it aims to track the duration of band usage for Apple Watch owners. The patent describes that the electronic device within the wearable can detect the identification of the band, utilizing existing components like sensors and detectors.

This information can then be used to trigger specific functions such as modifying the user interface or adjusting device settings. The technology proposed in the patent includes using reflected light, either infrared or visible, emitted from the rear of the device to recognize a unique pattern on the band for detection.

It is uncertain whether this identification capability will extend to third-party watch straps compatible with the Apple Watch. Another method discussed in the patent involves scanning a QR code assigned to each watch band, enabling the device to identify the specific accessory and initiate various actions based on the type of strap attached, such as launching applications or setting time.

Apple plans to introduce a new functionality in future Apple Watch models, according to a recently filed patent called ‘Identification of bands for wearable electronic devices.’ The patent explores Apple’s interest in enabling Apple Watches to identify and respond to different watch bands, allowing for personalized user interfaces.

It also includes a feature to track how long users wear specific watch bands. The patent explains that the electronic device in the wearable can detect the band’s identification, using existing sensors and detectors, and utilize that information to perform specific actions like adjusting settings or changing the user interface.

Two methods are proposed: one using reflected light to recognize a pattern on the band, and the other involving scanning QR codes assigned to each band.

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