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Apple to Replace the Intel Processors for its Mac Lineup

Apple has announced it will ditch the Intel processors for the Mac series and use its ARM-based processors. Apple is attempting to remove heir third party reliance so that they can release any product when they want to and increase performance and improved power efficiency. Apple has shown us that in the past, it is capable of achieving incredible feats; its ARM-based iPhone and iPad processors are the best in the market. They have proved to have even run Desktop PC’s the capability of Apple’s iPhone chi knows no boundary and is the best-in-class perform. Apple started using the Intel processors back in 200 when they shifter from power processors chips. Steve Jobs’s initial aim was to use Intel chip till they can develop their chips for PC’s. It took them 15 years to realize their stand and started working in it. This poses a considerable problem for Intel as well as other computer manufacturers. Intel will lose a vast clientele as Apple accounts for 14% of the market share only in the US. The shift will force people to, but more Mac’s as the processor will prove to be a differentiating factor.

Along with that is apple’s chip proves to be powerful enough; Intel will have to reconsider its position in the market. Currently, they rule the chip-making business with profits of over $10 billion. Intel demanded has increased in the past months, with companies having to buy more technical assistance for cloud computing and computer to work remotely, all using the Intel processors.

It also won’t be easy for Apple to create stable ARM-based chips and for developers to move their apps to these newer chips. Microsoft also released their ARM-based laptops but wasn’t able to sell them because of performance issues. Though we know Apple has been able to tackle these problems in the past and its expertise in chip making. It will be attractive to the response from Apple. Though we can’t expect to see, a Mac running on Apple’s chip for at least another year. As they would want to give time to developers to prepare for the change and create apps that could be run on Mac. Apple recently provided a platform for app developers to change their code so that apps working on iPhones and iPad could easily transition to the Mac. Apple also recently bought Intel 5G business, showing how strongly they are interested in removing their third-party dependence and making their modem instead of using the Qualcomm modem for their iPhones. This is expected to reduce the overall cost wile Apple being able to modify according to the demands of the customer. It will be interesting to see how this change is brought along in the coming years.