Apple Rolls out iOS 10, MacOS Sierra public beta 2

Apple has rolled out its second public beta for the iOS 10 Apple iphoneand the MacOS Sierra . The second version comes within a month of the roll out of the first public beta versions. The new beta versions of the OSes bring new features.

On iOS, the public beta testers can experience a new accessibility option for using the Touch ID in ios 9-style by just resting their fingers on it. They will also receive a haptic feedback (vibration) when locking the iPhone 6s or iPhone 6s Plus. Improved Quick Actions are also included.

On MacOS, the new beta OS version brings improvements to Siri, Photos app, which now comes with object recognition and new search features, new Memories feature and others. Picture-in-Picture support, new optimise storage options, and improvements to Messages also come as a part of the new beta OS version.

To try the beta versions, all that one needs is a valid Apple ID. Those who have already registered would simply need to visit the Apple beta website, login, and download the required files. However, since the version is still in beta stages, it is likely to come with a few bugs.

Termed “biggest iOS release ever” by Apple, the iOS 10 offers a slew of new features including a new lock screen with richer notifications, quick interaction options with apps, and raise to wake feature.

MacOS Sierra too will feature a bunch of new features as shown during the WWDC conference. Users will be able to unlock a Macbook using proximity of the connected Apple Watch, copy any text, image or video on iPhone and directly paste it on macOS using the universal clipboard feature, experience Siri on desktops and more.

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