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Apple Launches New Updates

California based multinational technology company; Apple has recently released the new version of apple i.e. 14.0.1 for all apple users. The update will fix all the bugs that a user faces in the operating system. Over and above that, the update will bring fixes to all the settings present in the default app, Wi-Fi connectivity, home screen thingamajigs, and many more updates.

This update is the result of a bug that was present in the software which causes Safari and Mail to be reinstated as a user’s default browser and email apps. This new update is known for fixing the matter amid other amendments. It is available to all users of Apple.

One of the changes that are observed in the newly released version of iOS is that it includes the capacity to shift the default browser from Safari. Nevertheless, if you had changed the default browser to Chrome, it will axiomatically reset the default settings each time the user has rebooted their mobiles or tablets. Weblinks would again start opening on the Safari browser after the reboot has been initiated.
Apple has fixed the same problem and has ensured that the users will just have to set their preferences for the default app.

The new version has also solved the issue regarding Wi-Fi connectivity and the sending of emails by some mail providers. It also provides a solution for the Apple News thingamajigs that has prevented the pictures from appearing. It has too addressed a matter that has the potential to prevent camera previews from displaying on iPhone 7 and Plus.

The new update is going to be available in all the mobiles and tablets of apples since 26th September 2020. Users who still have not received any notification regarding the new update can find it by going to the Settings tab, and then they have to click on General and then click the Software Update option.