March 1, 2021

Apple Is Planning To Introduce Siri In Mac OS X Desktop Soon!

Apple Files Patent For Siri Enabled Mac Desktop  

A skill is set to arrive which will enable us to talk to our Macs to command for writing emails or navigating between applications. Though this idea is not nothing new, as we have found something similar in smartphones after Apple launched speech recognition and transcription in Siri for iOS. But the surprise is here. Siri may be soon available on Apple’s Mac OS X desktop operation system soon.

As reported by Apple Insider, an extensive patent application has been filed by Apple which has the details of a Siri-like desktop supporter. It is able to dictate and execute high-level system commands. This desktop version will also be able to process natural speech and text input in order to complete tasks, input and retrieve data, searching and more.

 Other players in the operating system market like Linux and Windows are already supporting third party desktop voice assistants like Dragon Assistant. Now if Apple connects Siri with Mac, this operating system will be a maiden one which is pre-loaded with a voice assistant. If someone is unable to use his/her hands then a voice assistant on the desktop will be of great help. This year the latest version of Mac OS was also announced by Apple as OS X Yosemite. This OS is still lying in its development stage and it’s not yet ready for functional operations. It’s highly expected that the voice assistant may get rolled out by Apple in its future versions or the feature can also get launched along with the final version of OS X Yosemite.

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