Apple iPhone X production estimates lowered further by analysts

There have been rumours in the industry that Apple may completely put an end to the sales of iPhone X models later this year as it will launch the smartphone’s next-gen version. Now, cementing those claims is a new report coming from Seeking Alpha.

The report cites iPhone X production estimations by J Morgan, which has now lowered them to 15 million in Q1 from 20 million. Also mentioned is that analyst Narci Chang has cut the estimates by 44% to 10 million units in Q2 from what was earlier 18 million.

On the sales front, the iPhone X sales forecast was cut down to 52 million from what previously was 55 million in Q1. The number dips further in Q2 to 42 million, which is lower than the previous prediction of 45 million.
In Bloomberg’s report from December the aforementioned claims somewhat echoed as it mentioned a few analysts lowering the shipment estimates. The smartphone shipments were said to be as low as 35 million, 10 million down than what was previously estimated.

JL Warren Capital LLC reportedly said that iPhone X shipments will come down to 25 million units in Q1 2018, lower than 30 million units in the Q4 2017. The drop is being said due to the high price point of the smartphone.

On a related note, Apple in its Q1 2018 call revealed India to be one of the prominent market for Mac devices. Another Apple device that witnessed a good amount of growth in India is the iPad. According to Luca Maestri, chief financial officer of Apple, the company sold 13.2 million units of iPad with average sales per week increasing by 8% over last year’s December quarter.

Apple iPhone, one of the main products in the entire consumer product ecosystem fetched the company 77.3 million unit sales. This is lower than the firm’s Q1 2017 unit sales figure of 78.3 million. However, despite lower sales, the firm did make more money as the revenue from the smartphone segment increased.