December 5, 2020

Apple Inc.’s Hardware Products Have Been Strictly Banned For The Chinese Government Employees

Chinese government is of the opinion that Apple may get access to confidential information with its products.

Apple_Logo_ITVoiceNo More Apple Products For Chinese Govt Employees. The government agencies have been asked not to purchase such products to maintain security norms. This information has been confirmed by Bloomberg News and government officials have also gone on record to talk about this development.

Different versions of iPad tablet, MacBook laptop as well as other Apple products are no more featuring in the government procurement list, which has been shared by China’s National Development and Reform Commission and Ministry of Finance. All central and local government bodies will have to follow this order, as told by Bloomberg News. Officials at NDRC and finance ministry couldn’t be reached immediately by media for further comments about the same. Last week a software procurement list was published by the Chinese government which showed that foreign anti-virus vendors like Kaspersky Lab and Symantec Corp. have been removed from the list.

Use of US technology will be reduced in China as security concerns have raised over the past year. This limitation is required now after last year’s revelations by Edward Snowden that US government’s spying eyes are expanding further. In a report in June state-run China Central Television stated that Apple iPhone’s location-tracking software has the potential of leaking confidential government reports. In its response Apple said that they are strictly against allowing government agencies to have access to its servers.

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