Apple Event Invite for iPhone 12 Launch

The tech giant, Apple has sent invites for a special Apple event on 13th October 2020. As per speculations, it is highly likely that the even is going to be about the iPhone 12 launch. Apple invites has frequently contained hints about what to suppose, but this event invite-only highlights some series of circles, and Hi, Speed. It could suggest about 5G speeds, as the new Apple smartphone is expected to support high-speed 5G connectivity. The event will take place on 13th October 2020 at 10.30 pm as per Indian Standard Time. The company hasn’t shared any further details, but everyone can expect the whole iPhone line-up to be revealed at the event on 13th October 2020.

There have been several leaks about the forthcoming event, and aside from the original models, there are rumors that the iPhone 12 lineup will also comprise of an iPhone 12 Mini, or 4 variants in total. As per leaks, the Mini is going to have a display of 5.4-inch while the iPhone 12 has a display of 6.1-inch.


Image from Apple


Other reports suggest that the forthcoming iPhone 12 models might be more luxurious than in the last years. Even though early conjecture suggested a price between 699 to 749 dollars. As per later leaks have suggested that the Bill of Materials has gone up for the iPhone 12, and it can begin at 749 dollars. This enhancement is believed to be due to the support for 5G on the new smartphone. Also, some leaks propose that just iPhone 12 Pro Max is going to come with the faster mmWave 5G technology, while further models are going to support the more known Sub-6GHz 5G.

The price is of course not going to be a direct conversion from the dollar value in India but it is going to be higher (with the addition of other costs).

It is also desired that the company will not include a charging cable with the iPhones. The tech giant has already begun to remove chargers from its products. Though few people see this as needless cost-cutting, for people who are already a part of Apple’s network, this could cut down on litter and waste.
Beyond that, the leaks for iPhone 12 Pro hints at a camera of LiDAR, and a different leak suggests that the phones are not going to arrive with displays of 120Hz.