January 28, 2021

Apple confirms it is ending support for Quick time for Windows

It’s official, technology giant Apple is ending support for Quick
time for Windows. The company confirmed to Walls Street Journal that it is no longer supporting the 11-year-old QuickTime 7 for Windows. Apple has also posted an instruction manual on how to ‘uninstall QuickTime 7 for Windows’.
Last week, security research team Trend Micro discovered two critical vulnerabilities affecting QuickTime for Windows.
They also said that Apple is deprecating QuickTime for Microsoft Windows. They will no longer be issuing security updates for the product on the Windows Platform.
Trend Micro in its blog said that while it has not seen any instances of the flaw being exploited in the wild, it is still better to uninstall QuickTime to avoid being hacked.
Last week, the US Computer Security Readiness Team (CERT) also issued an alert after Trend Micro report that Apple will no longer be patching vulnerabilities in QuickTime.
The US Department of Homeland Security advised people to remove QuickTime media software from Windows computers.
The advisory did not apply to QuickTime running on Apple computers.