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Apple confirms iOS 11.2 glitch that doesn’t let users reinstall Apple Pay Cash

Apple may have rushed with its iOS 11.2 update to fix the ‘date’ bug. Although users got Apple Pay Cash, a peer-to-peer payment system, as a part of the OS update, they seems to have also received a new bug for the same feature. iDrop News website has found a new glitch that lets users delete Apple Pay Cash feature for iMessage but doesn’t let them reinstall it.
The report adds that rebooting the device doesn’t help nor does checking the App Store. Enabling or disabling Apple Pay from the Settings page doesn’t solve the issue. The service is said to work fine for Siri. The problem seems to be only for Apple Pay Cash for iMessage.
When getting in touch with Apple Support, the website was told that since Apple Pay is a part of the OS, the only way users can get it back for iMessage is by completely wiping and restoring it.
We expect Apple to roll out a minor update soon. Looking at the past records, the Cupertino-based technology firm is quick with sending fixes as it takes just a couple of days for most of them.
To use Apple Cash Pay, users would also need two-factor authentication for the Apple ID. Users would have to sign in to their iCloud account on any device that will be used to send or receive money. In addition, users would also need to link their eligible credit and debit card to the wallet.
For those unaware, Apple Pay Cash feature works with the iMessage app or via Siri. Users won’t need to download a separate app for this.
How to send money in Messages:
– Open Messages app, start a new conversation or tap on an existing one.
– Tap on the default App Store icon placed above the keyboard.
– Tap on the ‘Apple Pay’ icon.
– Select the amount you need to transfer suing + and – icons.
– Tap on Pay.
– To confirm the payment, users can make use of FaceID, TouchID or passcode.
It is also possible to request money from a friend and get the option to automatically accept payments.
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