August 4, 2020

App To Find Traffic Culprit In Gurgaon

In order to deal with the shortage of traffic cops, the district police will now seek help from public to monitor Apptraffic issues in Gurgaon. The residents will report those who do not follow traffic rules in the city through an app which is currently being designed for smart phones.

The mobile app will not only increase the surveillance in the city, it is also expected to bring down the numbers of accidents and breaking of traffic rules in the city.

Gurgaon currently has around 330 traffic cops which are insufficient for a city of 12 lakhs residents. The app will allow the residents to click photos of those breaking traffic rules. The photo will then be used as an evidence to issue challan.

The app is currently being developed by an IT company. The app will be linked to the police control room. Basically, the users will have to click the photo or make a video of the vehicle breaking the traffic rule and upload on the app with a caption about date, time, location and kind of offence. Once the photo will be received by the traffic police, a response will be sent to those sending the photos too about whether the photo has been accepted or rejected. It accepted, a challan will be issued against the vehicle owner on the basis of the registration number.

The name of the complainant will remain confidential.

The challan will be sent to the registered address. Then, if the traffic offender fails to pay the challan then he/she will be blacklisted. A complaint of not paying the fine will be submitted against them at regional transport authority, which can affect the renewal of insurance and sale of such vehicles.