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As the workforce becomes more digital and distributed, it will become essential to integrate the right collaboration software into your enterprise – Anupam Gupta, Celebal Technologies, Full Interview

Anupam Gupta, Co-Founder & Head of US Operations, Celebal Technologies
Anupam Gupta, Co-Founder & Head of US Operations, Celebal Technologies

Celebal Technologies is one of the fastest-growing IT companies in the field of Data Science, Big Data, and Enterprise Cloud. The company is making data simple for enterprises across the globe and propel them in their innovation journeys. Celebal technologies recently received an award for the Microsoft India Partner of the Year 2021, the award acknowledges outstanding successes and innovations by Microsoft partners across a wide variety of categories including intelligent cloud to edge technologies, entrepreneurial spirit, and social impact.

Here is an excerpt from the interaction with Anupam Gupta, Co-Founder & Head of US Operations, Celebal Technologies where he has answered the questions related to the organization and IT domain.

Prateek: Tell us about the journey of Celebal technologies.

Anupam Gupta: Celebal Technologies was started in 2016 in Jaipur with the mission to transform businesses into Intelligent Enterprises. With our expertise in the traditional enterprise and modern cloud innovation, we have helped leading organizations including Fortune 500 companies accelerate their digital transformation journeys. We specialize in the fields of Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Data Science, and Enterprise Cloud. Our workforce has grown to 800+ passionate technologists serving customers across India, the USA, UK, Canada, and the Asia Pacific regions. Our innovative modern cloud solutions and customer-obsessed culture have led us to be recognized as the 2021 Microsoft India Partner of the Year and the Databricks Regional System Integration Partner.

Prateek: How has the pandemic affected the trends in the IT market? Has it opened doors for innovative ideas and solutions?

Anupam Gupta: The pandemic had a massive impact on advancing the digitalization process across multiple industries. The crisis led to the rapid adoption of digital, cloud-based technologies effectively achieving years of digital transformation in a couple of months. To keep up with this pace of transformation, IT companies had to scale their resources and drive continuous innovation for their customers. The WFH model necessitated the adoption of secure collaboration tools and going ahead, such tools will be essential to support the future of work.

Prateek: Many organizations have adopted the hybrid model for working. What according to you is the scope in the Indian market?

Anupam Gupta: Indian enterprises have to take into consideration their organizational goals and understand what their employees want when deciding about adopting the hybrid work model. While some employees might want more in-person interaction, some might be more comfortable working remotely. There could be other factors like security concerns for certain client projects that would require employees to work from the office. The future of the workplace will focus on flexible work hours and the freedom to choose where you work from. More emphasis will be on work being done, rather than where it’s being done. Such changes would mean shifting investments from real estate to secure technologies for remote collaboration. Accommodating a flexible work environment will also have a huge, positive impact on employee experience and productivity.

Prateek: What could be done to minimize the cyber threats in the new hybrid working models?

Anupam Gupta: You can start with updating your corporate cybersecurity policies and designing a framework to protect confidential information. Conduct cybersecurity awareness training for everyone to ensure that they follow security standards when working from home. You can also create a separate VPN environment for remote workers and minimize access to company data from personal devices.

Prateek: What will be the dominating trends in the hybrid models in the coming years?

Anupam Gupta: As the workforce becomes more digital and distributed, it will become essential to integrate the right collaboration software into your enterprise. It will not just be about communication software but also connecting enterprise applications like ERP, CRM, logistics into a single hub to provide a seamless and engaging employee experience. At Celebal Technologies, we are at the forefront of this trend with our Chatbot solutions built on Microsoft Teams that act as a one-stop, conversational platform simplifying enterprise data accessibility for all.

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