Ant Group Tencent Payment Platform Limitations Being Discovered by the United States

Bloomberg News reported that the US is because of restrictions on China’s Ant Group and Tencent over apprehensions their digital payment platforms threaten national security, Bloomberg News reported on Wednesday.

This action will mark the latest worsening in relations between the world’s 2 largest economies, which have been strained by disputes over trade, Hong Kong’s sovereignty, cybersecurity as well as the spread of the new COVID.

It would also exemplify how the President of the United States’ administration is now seeking to avert Chinese businesses from impressing themselves in the financial system of the United States before they become a noteworthy threat.


Image from Ant Financial


In 2019, the United States of America has cracked down on china’s Huawei and TikTok after permitting the Chinese-owned companies to become foremost players in the United States telecommunications substructure and social media, correspondingly. Officials of the country have spoken concerns that these businesses could be passing on the information of citizens from the United States of America to the Communist Party government of China.

Together Ant’s Alipay and Tencent’s WeChat payment platforms are used chiefly by the citizens of China holding accounts in the official currency of china i.e. renminbi. Most of their connections with the US are with merchants accepting payments from travelers and firms of China.

They talked over how and whether to confine Ant Group and Tencent’s payment systems have chosen up pace amid senior United States officials in recent weeks, nevertheless a final decision is not forthcoming.

Ant Group’s spokesperson said that the company was not aware of any kind of discussions within the administration.

The company also said that Ant Group’s business is mainly in China and they are eager about their growth forecasts in the Chinese market. Also, their mission is to donate to economic progress and job formation by serving normal consumers and minor industries.

The United States government has been taking different actions against WeChat. The previous week, the Justice Department of the United States said that it would appeal a judge’s conclusion to block the government from excluding Apple and Google from offering WeChat for download in the United States’ app stores.

Ant Group, backed by Alibaba is planning to address simultaneously in Hong Kong and on STAR Market this October in what could be the world’s largest IPO, surpassing Aramco 29.4 billion dollars float in December.

The financial tech firm is seeking to raise about 35 billion dollars after evaluating primarily investor interest and based on a higher estimate of about 250 billion dollars or more.

Alibaba’s shares, which owns a 3rd of Ant group, held up on the news and finished trading up 1.4% at 296.5 dollars in New York on 7th October 2020, indicating that investors didn’t see any instant financial fallout for the company. Ant derives 95% of its income from China.