Another iPhone 5S Image Leaked, Confirms Scanner

downloadIt is less than five hours before the iPhone 5S is unveiled, but the leaks continue happening. In the most recent report, the Wall Street Journal has published a leaked image of the device’s Quick Start Guide, which confirms the presence of the fingerprint sensor in the device.

The French website had posted the image first. The image is of the documentation that comes with the iPhone 5S and describes the Home Button as the “Home Button or Touch ID Sensor”. A silver ring is also seen around the home button in the guide.

If the freshly leaked picture is indeed real, then the fingerprint scanner in Apple’s newest iPhone is being called the Touch ID Sensor. The authenticity of the image though has not been verified yet. According to the Apple Insider, the image may not be real as Apple doesn’t use the ‘Volume Up/Down’ and ‘Ring/Silent’ terms that are seen in the image.

While rumours of the fingerprint scanner have been rampant on the internet, it is unclear as to what its purpose would be. The feature will most probably be used to authenticate users while buying apps etc. or to authenticate them while unlocking the phone.