Annik Launches ‘Rapid Insights’ For The Retail Industry

annik_logoAnnik, a leading market research and technology services company, has launched ‘Rapid Insights’ specifically for companies who operate retail stores and want to understand & track customer feedback in real time. The real benefit of this solution lies in taking corrective action in real time to improve overall customer experience. This revolutionary technology is extremely user friendly and can be implemented in retail stores easily.

Placing of tablet at the retail outlet with platform agnostic proprietary customer feedback module

During the retail journey, customer shares experience through tablet

The management accesses real-time dashboard to view customer feedback and take corrective action

Most of the companies are constantly looking to improve their products/services in order to make customer experience better. With the advent of this new ‘Voice of Customer’ technology, the management will not only be able to understand what exactly the customer wants, they will also be able to take corrective action on the spot basis customer feedback.” said Sandeep Bhatia, COO of Annik Technology Services.

An extremely flexible and interactive technology, it can be customized as per client’s requirement.

Kapil Kalra, Sr. Project Director added “Our solution is flexible and can automate time consuming aspect of customer feedback collection to provide insights in real time. It will be a real time saver and will boost efficiency & productivity.