Ankit Arora, Director, Link2 Connect (Social & Professional Networking Site) share his thoughts

ankitITVoice:  After introducing many features in your site, Comment on “Social Networking Site’s War” globally.

Ankit Arora: From the aspects of popular, yes a war is present globally between social sites, but its only depends on what type of people are using that particular social site. No such corporate war is still now visible between them. And Link2connect is an  infant social site among them and it has also a specific feature, so I also think that we are in that particular war where our special features will attract people and at the same time how much they will be beneficial by us.

 ITVoice:  What about security, information leaks & authentication of profile in L2C ?

Ankit Arora: Yes information robbery is a huge issue, yet everybody knows nothing can be picked up without danger. You need to take that hazard by receiving significant safeguard. Our organization has additionally made some successful strides with respect to Web applications.


At the point when a client joins with a site by means of HTTPS, the site scrambles the session with a Digital Certificate. A client can advise on the off chance that they are joined with a safe site if the site URL starts with https:// rather than http://. In its famous arrangement on the web, HTTPS gives validation of the site and related web server that one is speaking with, which ensures against man-in-the-centre assaults. Moreover, it gives a bidirectional encryption of correspondences between a customer and server, which ensures against listening stealthily and messing around with and/or fashioning the substance of the correspondence.

Secure Authentication

Confirmation is a first line of guard. The application must figure out whether the client is who he/she claims to be or if the element, a server or project, is the thing that it claims to be. This is the perceive who you are.

Data and Input Validation

Cross-Site Scripting and Command Injection exploit a Violation of trust, 17 between a client getting to a known and trusted site and an assailant. The assailant detours security components by adding malignant code to open parameters in an application. The strongest safeguard against these assaults is Input Validation. On the off chance that the server accepts all information entering the web application against known great criteria, the possibilities of fruitful assault are extraordinarily decreased.

Cross Site Scripting (XSS)

Cross Site Scripting (otherwise called XSS or CSS) is by and large accepted to be a standout amongst the most well-known application layer hacking systems.

SQL Injection Check

we have utilized arranged explanations to get to the database. Continuously guaranteed the DB login utilized by the application has just the rights that are required.

Secure File uploads

we have Ensured that documents transferred by the client can’t be translated as script records by the web server, e.g. by checking the record augmentation (or whatever methods your web server uses to distinguish script documents) Ensure that records can’t be transferred to unintended catalogs (catalog traversal).

 ITVoice: Has any plan to launch Mobile App ?  As it’s demanded in the  current AdHoc world.

Ankit Arora: Yes, we are also in the queue to launch Mobile App in three months. Till then you have to be less patient.

 ITVoice:  What is your marketing strategy for the upcoming future ?

Ankit Arora: Our organization has made some stride with respect to its advancement. The individual contact companion solicitation is the most ideal way to make famous in neighbourhood zone. The media camp is one and vital devices for advancement. We have effectively enlisted in the Google web search tool.

 ITVoice: How you finance your venture ?

Ankit Arora:  The Motherhood company Concepts & Solutions Marketing Pvt. Ltd is funding the operational cost for the L2C. Majorly the investment has gone into the designing & manpower. 

 ITVoice:Explain frankly about your site’s Pro’s & Cons ?

Ankit Arora:  Link2connect is a growing social site along with the option to connect with the professionals with sparking a multi attribute such as Blogs, Forum, Polls, Videos, quizzes, Music, Marketplace, Job Board, Play Games , dictionary, and also Press Release. These are the Pro’s but & if you are talking about Cons every site has its Cons and that’s why every company has their development team. So we also have our development team.

 ITVoice:We’re in Tech-World as we think & read,  Talking about latest technology trends & blah, blah, blah… Have you seen the other side of our country’s poverty ?(Electricity is not there & we talk about INTERNET)

Ankit Arora: Actually, we are a developing country, and this the two sides of one coin. Not using the latest technology because a country’s poverty I think it is not a wise decision for any of us. Through internet at least we are aware of the sufferings of the people in the absence of electricity,  we can work on it and have various suggestions to overcome such issues.

 ITVoice: How you fulfil your social responsibility?

Ankit Arora:Yes, we try to serve our social responsibility as every organization does. Our objective is behind CRS is being responsible towards the society and environment. Every campaign of CRS had happened, we were there as a partner.


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