Angry Birds Rio Now Free For Windows Phones


Angry Bird maker Rovio Entertainment has now released the Rio variant of the famous game for free on the Windows Phone OS platform. The Angry Birds Rio comes with new High Dive episode, and is now available on all the mobile Oses. The Windows Phone version of the game is available on the Windows Phone Store.

The Angry Birds Rio, ais developed based on the movie series, Rio and is set in the Brazilian capital of Rio de Janeiro. According to a report from The Mobile Indian, the game has ‘Involving Physics’ based gameplay, and features various other puzzles. The game is available for devices that support the Windows Phone 8 platform.

This Angry Birds variant comes with the new high dive episode with 20 levels. The 42 MB game further has 6 bonus levels. Also, Rovio is said to have updated the game variant to be compatible with devices that run on the latest Windows Phone 8.1 OS platform. With the free game download, the user will have to download additional content, thus, our advice: Please use Wi-Fi than mobile data.

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