December 4, 2020

Android Phone’s Gyroscope To Turn To Microphone, Courtesy University Researchers

It Voice News- NSA and governments have a reason to celebrate now as hacking into phones and knowing about every person will be much easier for them with this latest technology.

NSA and governments want to know everything about you, it seems. Now a latest invention by Stanford University based researchers would impress these two bodies as the tiny gyroscope in android phone is enabled to be turned to a crude microphone.

Normally smartphone apps seek permission to use our microphone but no special authorization is needed to use the phone’s gyroscope. It means hackers’ access to our phones becomes easier and they can listen to everything we say throughout the day and we’ll not be able to even know about that. This new innovation’s credit also goes to the defence research firm Rafael. An app, called Gyrophone, has been created by the researchers, which uses the gyroscope to listen to audio signals.

The gyroscope measures orientation of our device through vibrating pressure plates. Researchers found out that these pressure plates can also pick up sound waves in 80-250 hertz range. This technique works only on Android phones and not on iPhone gyroscope. iPhone’s sensor can catch frequencies up to 100Hz and it also can’t listen to human conversations. The system, so far, can only identify the speaker’s gender and recognise some selected words. Researchers are still working to improve the system to tap the full conversations. On 22 August a presentation will take place which will provide in-depth knowledge of the topic.

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