Android Apps Keep Crashing; Gmail, Chrome Affected

Android Apps Crash Issue

Android Apps Crash Issue

Several thousands of users were not able to use email services by Google. Many users have complained that the app keeps on crashing when they try to open it on their android devices.

The problems started at 9 pm yesterday and many users are still experiencing the issues. When the users tapped on the notification the application did not open and crashed instead. Popular apps like Gmail, Google Pay, and Google were most affected.

Samsung mobile handsets are said to be the worst affected by the issue.

Google soon acknowledged the matter and issued a statement that says that the organization is aware of the problem affecting a significant subset of users and we are working to provide an update so that the users can access the services as soon as possible. Google also advised the users to use desktop or web versions for important services like Gmail.

Social media was flooded with tweets and posts related to the sudden crash of Google apps. Many Twitter users complained that Gmail keeps on crashing and asked for any update. Some users also reported perpetuated crashing of other applications like Yahoo, and Amazon as well.

Why Gmail keeps on crashing?

Google instantly responded and found out the reason behind the problem. Android WebView app was the reason causing some of the applications on Android to not function properly.

How to resolve the issue?

Google soon issued an update for Android WebView and Chrome applications. Update your Google Chrome to the latest version and it will do the job. Additionally, Android WebView version 89.0.4389.105 has the update for fixing the issue. Updating your application to the version will stop the apps from crashing.

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