January 20, 2021

Anand Shringi, National Sales Manager – Trend Micro Reveals His Strategies For Business In India

Anand Shringi, National Sales Manager – SMB & Consumer Products (India & SAARC) Trend Micro India Pvt Ltd
Anand Shringi, National Sales Manager – SMB & Consumer Products (India & SAARC) Trend Micro India Pvt Ltd

ITVoice :  What kind of strategy have you planned to position Trend micro product successfully in the market?
Anand : Trend Micro is working hard to help clients reduce cost and complexity and to provide industry leading security protection.
Securing the user and the multiple devices they use through to the network level and on to the cloud is the cornerstone of Trend Micro’s approach. We will be working with strategic partners and systems integrators to help deliver end-to-end security strategy and protection.
We are continuing to recruit quality SMB and Enterprise channel partners, while also increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of our existing channel partners. This enables us to generate sustainable growth and revenue flow.

ITVoice : How do you look at the antivirus market in India?
Anand : Today, the world is more connected than ever before but in a decade wearable technology will be the norm – whether a smart glass or a smart watch you wear at the gym hooked up to your heart rate and connected to the cloud.
As the cyber threat environment evolves, threat protection must evolve as well. With the emergence of targeted attacks and advanced persistent threats, it is clear that a new approach to cyber security is required in cloud. Traditional techniques are simply no longer adequate to secure data against cyberattacks.
Advanced persistent threats (APTs) and targeted attacks have proven their ability to penetrate standard security defenses and remain undetected for months while siphoning valuable data or carrying out destructive actions. And the companies you rely on most are some of the most likely targets – financial institutions, healthcare organizations, major retailers and others.
The ideal solution would weave your entire security infrastructure into a custom and adaptable defense tuned to your particular environment and particular attackers. It would enable you to not only detect and analyze these attacks, but fight back against your attackers.
Businesses today are intrigued by the promise of cloud computing – the agility, flexibility and cost savings. Invariably, questions such as “How secured is the cloud?” arises. In addition to Trend Micro’s portfolio of security solutions for cloud computing, Trend Micro is proud to announce a new, cloud-based, productivity tool for enterprises as well as SMEs to secure their journey to cloud.

ITVoice : What are the other new products the trend micro is planning to launch in India?
Anand : Trend Micro has products that address the two main players in computing, that is systems and data. Systems from the standpoint that these are the platforms, applications, devices that provide the compute power, and need to have security that is designed to be relevant to the unique characteristics of these system, such as physical is different from virtual, mobile devices from fixed, private data center from cloud, etc.
The second aspect is data, to have security that secures data wherever it is located or transiting, that understands data is not all created equal (some needs more protection than other). Trend Micro has products that span these key areas, and allow organizations to set their security appropriate to the systems they are using, and the needs they have to protect them as well as the data they use and create, and the need to protect that data. It is a layered approach that address every spectrum in the computing ecosystem, with the ultimate goal of helping companies do their business while protecting their resources.
Trend Micro Deep Security is an industry-leading security solution designed to protect organizations across physical, virtual and cloud servers. It features anti-malware, web reputation, integrity monitoring, intrusion detection and prevention, firewall and log inspection – available agentless for virtual environments.
Here are a few more benefits:
• Optimized for leading virtualization and cloud architectures including AWS, Microsoft Azure, VMware vCloud Hybrid Services.
• Deployed at hypervisor level for improved visibility, easier compliance
• Creates self-defending VMs to counter inter-VM attacks
• Virtual patching to close off instant-on gaps
• One platform for all environments eases management, lowers TCO
• Backed by threat intelligence from industry-leading Smart Protection Network

ITVoice : Please us about your channel strategies and service network?
Anand : Trend Micro’s has launched Global Partner Program in the year 2014 to enhance the productivity and profitability of its more than 50,000 channel partners by enabling them to quickly and fully capitalize on the growing market for Trend Micro security solutions. By combining the best elements from its regional and award-winning North American partner programs, Trend Micro now offer a new and globally aligned program.

After a comprehensive evaluation of our programs, we’ve applied best practices from around the globe to establish a common structure for a single, more cohesive program that can help our partners drive sales like never before.

We are confident that this new approach will allow them to quickly identify and respond to business opportunities for our comprehensive security solutions. Most significantly, it will enable us to replicate successful initiatives across all regions to help partners grow their business and increase profitability.

The education program has been simplified, aligns with the latest industry standards, and provides two levels of training and certification. The new education portal helps accelerate partner enablement and equips channel team members with the knowledge and skills to capitalize on sales opportunities and better serve customers.

To further equip its channel partners, Trend Micro is providing a comprehensive set of sales and marketing tools through a Trend Micro Partner Portal. In addition, Trend Micro is developing a new partner portal that will provide improved deal registration, content syndication and social media network access, as well as quicker access to support, and other enhancements