Amosta Launches EZEE PC With Built-In Computer In Keyboard


Amosta recently launched a keyboard with a built-in unit computer and christened it ‘EZEE PC.’ The device comes with Windows 10 OS and is available in shades like White and Black. The EZEE PC performs similar to the traditional PC at office or home and has other latest and advanced specifications.

An Indian Startup Company Amosta launched this device to high-end computers and Smartphones. The product is available with the 2GB RAM and 32 GB Flash which is expandable up to 64 GB. Available with the 3735F Quadcore processor, for this Keyboard, all the sensors are enabled and it works with Bluetooth, WiFi, LAN -100 MB. It has two USB Ports, VGA, 3.5mm Audio Jack, DC Jack, and HDMI.

The EZEE PC is designed especially for Indian users which is a very light, portable, easy-to-use keyboard. The device comes with ultra smooth touchpad and has 76 full-size keys which make the job easy and efficient. The EZEE PC can be used as a thin client where all the storage can be stored on cloud.

Used for special and portable needs:

– India’s smallest PC with the footprint of a keyboard

– Affordable for Indian users, specially designed for education, corporate, government requirements.

– Can be used for POS applications, mobile computing, kiosks applications, digital signage solutions, branding activities, display and informational panels on assembly lines, low cost workstation in organisations.

Benefits to Organisations:

– Saving on operational and electricity costs: normal CPU unit consumers 150 W whereas Amosta EZEE PC consumes 15 W only (nearly 90 percent saving).

– Corporates choose it because it has LOW COST and takes LESSER DESK SPACE

–  Low maintenance cost: organizations save a lot on annual maintenance, wear and tear costs.

– Lesser support requirements.

Easy to Carry, Easy to Use:

– Choose a screen of your choice, comfort and ‎preference

– Make any screen a smart screen

– Keep one screen at home and ‎one at office. Good for people who want to carry lesser weight

– With 16 GB RAM and 32 GB / 64 GB flash version, it also gives option to connect HDD of 1TB. So, space is not a limitation. Organisation can save on these costs also as not all workstation needs High Local Storage‎. In the era of cloud computing and storage, it fits in the requirement in all corporates.

– ‎It has WiFi, Ethernet and Bluetooth connectivity for faster connectivity.

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