Amosta introduces identity management solutions

An initiative to know your staff / tenant / domestic help better, thereby creating trust at workplaces and homes, indirectly helping in tracking and reducing crime

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India | 21th June 2016 – The biggest challenge at any workplace or homes is lack of trust between employee / employer, Landlord / Tenant, House owners / Domestic helps. This lack of trust is valid considering growing incidences of thefts, murders, frauds and terrorism. Amosta in strategic alliance with Humari Suraksha is focused in bridging this gap of trust by promoting validated identity cards for workers / staff / Tenants / blue collared workers / domestic help etc. It is a fact that 99% of staff / workers are honest but because of 1% anti-social elements everyone is looked at with distrust. This creates a non-congenial work atmosphere and also leads to inefficiency.

Amosta is a manufacturing and service company focusing around Mobility & Connectivity, Internet of Things and Solutions to Empower Smart Cities. Amosta has introduced a platform where the concerned employee / tenant / worker is given an identity card after taking their data (41 parameters including name, age , DOB, native place , 4 personal references , 3 personal references , finger prints , body marks , color of hair , eyes , skin etc ). This data after being validated by their call centre is stored in a central server, accessible through cloud to any investigating agency, on request through a given protocol. Cards are issued only to those whose background is clear. This helps in screening the employee in the first place and segregating the good employees and bad ones. The card thus provided has a QR code which can be scanned by the app IMSAFE and the details of the person can be fetched by the would be employer / landlord. Amosta also gives special services like facilitating police verification / back ground check / document verification and criminal check. Along with Hamari Suraksha its strategic partner, Amosta wishes to increase its foot prints pan India thereby expanding its offerings and services. For this Amosta is looking for partner tie ups pan India under its ACP program. ACP or Amosta Connect Program is a business opportunity where any individual/ company /organization / house wife can partner and start his/her own business or generate part time income. Interested applicants can send their queries at

“Hamari Suraksha” was started in 2009 with the India’s first Online Security Portal. This was an effort to increase security measures we take in our society in a collaborative manner. These offerings were appreciated by many states and authorities.  As a result, Hamari Suraksha’s work has been appreciated by various authorities, police, corporates, RWAs in more than 17 Cities for registration of the all types of registrants (tenants, Senior Citizens, Corporate workforce, staff at manufacturing units, Drivers, Maids, facility management staff, Security staff and other types of contract staff.

Unfortunately there is still a lack of Profile management in all other cards available today. Though it is a wish list but these identity cards have limited access to employment/ skillset record which are needed at pre-employment stage. Hence Amosta Identity card helps in turn to stop theft, lessen the crime rates as well as increase in authenticity and connectivity.

According to Ashish Kumar, Founder, Amosta, “It is our social responsibility to create a database of all citizens which can be validated. It is reluctance of many corporates, RWA and association to help us generate database which is helping illegal immigrants to prosper in the country. Apart from making business sense and helping security, our cards are also helping to create database of illegal immigrants who either take up small errand jobs or work as domestic helps and go unnoticed.”

Some of the clientele who have been using Amosta’s identity card are MNC companies, manufacturing units, warehouses, hotels and restaurants, FMS companies, RWA, landlords and direct customers. Amosta Identity card has a QR code printed on the card which when scanned through our app IMSAFE gives you details of the registrant.

Benefits to the employer –

Some of the major benefits are – 

  • Submission of incidences whether negative or positive possible thereby either encouraging good employees or debarring bad or fraud employees.

  • Online accessing the past incidences and background about the employee.

  • Platform of sharing the records in case of any incidence with authorities, local police and other organizations involved.

  • Immediate validation of staff. Our IMSafe app can be downloaded from play store and any card holder name and rating can be traced by scanning the QR code.

  • Online repository of the identity related records with secured access.

  • It gives option and facility to filer the candidates based upon the past records.

Benefits to the employee –

  • Preference in job since validated identity card creates more trust in employers

  • Employee can show the positive feedbacks, ratings, and comments fed by employers.

  • Since our card is a ranking card it helps the employee in getting better jobs / preferred jobs / better incomes.

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