March 1, 2021

Amkette Trubeats Sonix review: Good for an entry level speaker

The Bluetooth accessory market is getting more competitive by the day, both in terms of product range and prices. Take Bluetooth speakers, for instance. In the last few months, numerous Bluetooth speakers such as JBL Clip 2, Harman Kardon GO+ Play Mini and Logitech UE Roll 2 have been launched in India. These are spread across different price categories.
Obviously, Indian manufacturers want a slice of this pie as well. In its bid to stay in the competition, Amkette recently launched its Trubeats Sonix Bluetooth speaker in the market. Priced at Rs 2,299, the Trubeats Sonix, as per Amkette, “can blow your mind with a wide variety of features and allows you to have the perfect outdoor musical experience”. But is that really the case?
We used the Amkette Trubeats Sonix for a few days to assess its performance, and here’s the rest our our review.
Design and controls
As far as the design goes, we liked the Amkette Trubeats Sonix quite a lot. The Bluetooth speaker comes in four dual-color combinations – Black with Green, Blue with Grey, White with Green and Black with Grey. Our review unit was the Blue with Grey variant.
Made of plastic, the speaker is quite lightweight and comes with a hand strap that makes it easy to carry around.
The Amkette Trubeats Sonix has two speaker grilles on its front, one directed towards the left and other towards the right. However, the sound output is largely unidirectional.
The top of the speaker has the power and playback control buttons, as well as the volume rocker. The volume rocker can be also used to change tracks when the music is being played.
A notification light sits in the centre of the buttons. It can indicate both power and Bluetooth pairing status. Apart from Bluetooth, other connectivity options of the Trubeats Sonix include NFC, 3.5mm audio jack, microSD card slot and a charging port.
Overall, we found the Amkette Trubeats Sonix to be quite funky looking. Given the price, its design and overall build quality are appreciably good as well.
Amkette Trubeats Sonix can be paired with a Bluetooth device pretty easily. All you have to do is switch on the pairing device (most likely a smartphone) and the Sonix’s name immediately appears in the list of devices available for pairing. We definitely found this to be an upside, as many Bluetooth speakers definitely take some a while to get paired.
Having used the Amkette Trubeats Sonix for an entire week, we found its overall sound output to be pretty clear and balanced.
Even though we weren’t expecting too much from the Sonix (considering its modest price), it proved to be quite good.
The sound signature of Trubeats Sonix is quite clear and the speaker handles bass pretty well. The mids, highs and lows aren’t anything exceptional, bust just decent enough. That said, the sound quality deteriorates a little when the volume is cranked up.
Using the Bluetooth speaker for phone calls proved to be disappointing. Although we could hear the person on the other end perfectly well, they had a problem hearing our voice.
Other than that, the Amkette Trubeats Sonix performed largely well during our testing. Music playback is good enough for occasional listening.
Amkette claims that the Trubeats Sonix has a playback time of about 8 hours on a single charge. In our testing, the speaker lasted around 5-6 hours on a single charge, which is really good. It takes about three hours for its battery to get fully charged.
Amkette Trubeats Sonix left us impressed with its sturdy build and funky design. Its performance is not exceptional, but for the price, we can’t explain. The speaker can’t handle phone calls really well, but the decent battery backup makes for it.
In summation, the Amkette Trubeats Sonix is a really decent entry level Bluetooth speaker. At a price of Rs 2,299, you can’t go wrong with it. Another good buy available in this price range is Xiaomi Mi Bluetooth speaker, which can be considered as an alternative to Amketter Trubeats Sonix speaker.