AMD Is Ready To Hit The Market With Its Upgraded PC Chips

Code-named Bristol Ridge Pro is the 7th Generation Pro processor by AMD that is soon going to be appearing in desktops from HP and bristol-ridgeLenovo. This improved technology hooks to let PC users easily upgrade to next generation Zen chips and are specially developed for the business desktops. The capability to easily upgrade is a really big deal in the terms of cost efficiency and performance as it allows the users buying new PCs in order to get the Zen chips when they come out.

So, how it works: A user just needs to buy a desktop with the new AMD Pro chip and then upgrade it later to Zen by replacing chip in amdthe socket. AMD chip is enriched with many interesting features, but the most exciting thing is Zen that provides near about 40% improvement in CPU performance. The latests AMD Pro is designed to be compatible with the AM4 socket that provides a nice basis for upgrades to Zen.

The company has not revealed the exact date when the Zen based successor of the 7th Generation Pro will be launched in the market. But, it is being predicted that various product road maps issued by AMD can come out within the period of one month from now. It has also been narrated by the market experts that the upgrade ability offered by the 7th Generation Pro chips will soon open the wide doors for PPC purchases for Zen. John Hampton, director of commercial business development AMD says “Enterprises want to keep PCs for as many years as possible, so the ability to easily upgrade to successor chips is important”.

If we make a check on the advantages of having 7th Generation Pro chips, then there is a remarkable number that to be considered over their predecessors.

• These chips superbly run 4K video and consume less power compared to predecessors and at the same time boosts application performance.
• Instead of the earlier generations of AMD Pro, the recent 65-watt Pro chip consumes approximate 32%less power, but the CPU performance is increased by 14% and graphical efficiency is impressively increased by 22%.
• The chip is designed to ease functioning with Windows 10 and Linux OSes. The users who prefer working with Windows 7, can go with older versions of AMD pro chips which the company is still providing for sale.

The latest product range contains seven AMD chips, including A12, A10, A8 and A6 Pro chips. They will be used in HP’s Elitedesk 705 G3 desktop, which will be available in tower PC and mini-desktop models. The new lineup specifically supports NVMe SSD storage, DDR4 memory, USB 3.1, USB Type-C slot and other new technologies. Hampton further describes its another interesting feature: an integrated “secure processor” that will secure the personal data, firmware and BIOS on a PC.

Compatibility with Window Hallo is also a considerable point. The AMD Pro chips provide nice functionality for multifactor authentication and biometric logins for PCs.

This innovative Pro chip by AMD also presents an easy comparison to Intel’s vPro chips. These Intel powered chips have remote remote management and security features based on the DASH (Desktop and Mobile Architecture for System Hardware) standard, which is wisely used in  servers. With  vPro, DASH shares many features, like the capability to shut down or wipe out remote PCs that may have been stolen. Here, a point that needs to be considered is that DASH is not widely used yet, on the other hand Intel’s vPro dominating the business PC market.

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