Amazon’s Lovefilm Launcehs Enhanced Streaming Application On Xbox 360

lovefilm-amazonLOVEFiLM, an Amazon company, today announced the arrival of its new and improved LOVEFiLM Instant streaming application on the Xbox 360, marking the latest development in the ongoing rollout of the next generation app.

Features which will be made available on the games console – which has sold over 76 million units worldwide – as a result of the launch include an improved search function and recommendation engine, optimised user interface, and the addition of the popular Watchlist feature.

Revisiting content is also made simple with a homepage display that keeps track of what is currently being viewed and the last location reached in that video – making it easier to resume viewing from the same spot on any LOVEFiLM device.

The enhanced LOVEFiLM Instant streaming application for Xbox 360 is available to download on Xbox Live from today, and will soon be made available on all LOVEFiLM-enabled devices.

Features available on the new look and feel BRAVIA app include the popular Watchlist function, Smart-lists and easier navigation between content. Users are also able to sign-in with either LOVEFiLM or Amazon credentials.

New Smart-lists include ‘Recommendations’, and ‘Your TV Shows’, allowing users to discover new content as well as revisit unfinished episodes more easily with a simple stop and resume function. TV Series roll-ups ensure that customers can move between seasons and episodes of their favourite TV shows with all episodes listed in one page along with a watched status.