Amazon Reports COVID Positive Employees

The largest e-commerce platform, Amazon has revealed that around 19000 US workers have been tested positive. Some employees have also reported that Amazon is putting its employee’s health at risk as it doesn’t close the warehouse even in a pandemic. The company has said that the rate of infection was 42% lower than the desired rate when the virus was spread in the general population.

In a post by the company, Amazon has encouraged other corporations to report similar figures. The company has also said they are expanding virus testing to 50,000 United States employees every day by the month of November via internally built capacity.

The disclosure has offered a rare look at corvid’s impact on a big United States employer. The company has kept amenities open to meet a flow in demand from shoppers who are stuck at home, by adding temperature checks, social distancing software, and many other safety methods.


Image from Amazon

Athena has called on administrators to investigate the retailer company.

Out of 1,372,000 frontline workers at the company and amazon’s Whole Foods Market subsidiary, 19,816 have been tested positive for coronavirus or they are alleged to have encountered COVID-19 between 1st March to 19th September 2020. The figure also involves seasonal employees and those who may have been disease-ridden outside the work.

One of the 5o states of USA, Minnesota is reported to have the highest rate with around 32 employees being infected out of 1000 employees and 16 people who don’t work for Amazon.

Amazon has said that the information will be more powerful if, from other workers, there were analogous information to compare it with. Although the company is hoping to see an improvement in the number as the public areas have started to open, employers are looking to bring employees back to work.