Amazon Fire TV Expands Features

Amazon Fire TV is having more hands-free features with extra Alexa-enabled services. Via the latest command option, users will be able to do things like check the weather, have a look at the calendar and see the traffic in a specific route on your Television. Users can also use voice commands to circumnavigate via on-screen menus and make choices as well. These features will be releasing to Fire TV systems in the upcoming days. The latest features will work with any paired Alexa devices, except Echo Show and Spot.

The company had presented the ability to pair Alexa-enabled devices with Fire Televisions a few years ago, which allows users to perform functions such as opening the applications, play any movies, search for content, and control playback. Recently, Amazon is going to expand this functionality by adding a few more specifications.


Image from Amazon


After pairing the Alexa device with the user’s Fire Television, they can request Alexa to represent visual experiences on the TV. All they have to say is “Alexa, show me…” before the request. Other visual experiences can be is that users can ask the device to show using this feature which has traffic, smart home cameras, and calendars too.

There are voice commands present which can also be used to circumnavigate and pick content hands-free. Once this feature has been released, they will be to ask Alexa to do certain things such as the search for different movie genres, play a specific movie trailer, and open their watchlist. If the user wants to head back to the home screen, they can do that too.

If the user has a Fire TV Edition smart Television, they can further power their Television on and off, control the volume buttons, and switch inputs using their Alexa device.