January 28, 2021

Amazon Announces X-Ray On Fire TV To Bring Movies & TV Shows To The Big Screen

Amazon has announced the launch of X-Ray on Fire TV to Amazonbring Movies and TV Shows to the big screen. Started from 14 April, the update is expected to reach all Fire TV devices within a few days. With this unique feature, movie-buffs would be able to know more about the characters, authors and storyline directly from the on-screen interface with the information supplied by IMDb.

While most of us depend on our smartphones and laptops to figure out where we have seen a particular actor; the new, free, over-the-air update seems to know exactly what we want and provides us the required information. Interestingly, you will be able to ask questions like “what is this actor in?” right from the sofa-set or the bed you have been sitting, just by using the set-top box’s remote control. Hence, the ‘cool’ feature promises to take the entertainment to the whole new level.

The feature was earlier available on Amazon’s Fire tablets and Fire phone through a companion app, but with the introduction of X-Ray on Fire TV, tablets will no longer be required. Though, Amazon, X-Ray details are not available for all titles but thousands of titles are supported.