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Altiat launches Cal.1H – Electrodynamic Headphone Proudly Made in India

Altiat™, pronounced (all-t-a), is a headphone brand based in Mumbai, India. Altiat™ is a prime example of the Make-In-India program that commenced in 2014. Altiat™ is privately owned by Aumkar Chandan, a passionate audiophile from Mumbai.. Aumkar also owns Kaldas Research, a private research company named after his grandfather, created with the objective to make some of the world’s best headphones in India. “Everything had to be developed and made in India. Nothing outsourced. So that’s what we did. For a private company, the development investment we’ve put in is simply unfathomable and the results speak for themselves. We’re happy to announce that Headphone Zone will be the official destination to purchase the CAL.1H in our home market of India,” says Aumkar.

Altiat™ is on a quest to become a household brand in India and international markets. The philosophy at Altiat™ is to bring you high-quality products that are proudly made and assembled in India and deliver a memorable listening experience. Globally accessible Altiat™ headphones have won the admiration of discerning audiophiles. Altiat™ Cal.1H headphone is now available at Headphone Zone (https://www.headphonezone.in/collections/altiat).

Raghav Somani, CEO of Headphone Zone

Altiat™ is in partnership with retail brand Headphone Zone. “Altiat™ has carved a name for itself amongst audio enthusiasts, and we’re very excited for audiophiles in India to experience Altiat audio products”, says Raghav Somani, CEO of Headphone Zone.

The team at Altiat™ is passionate about making headphones adored by audiophiles and aficionados of fine music. Altiat™ headphones are meticulously built to last. Such careful consideration results in a long-lasting, reasonable, and emotionally impactful product with the optimum design and sound quality.

The audio design team at the Altiat™ factory is committed to creating innovative audio products through study. They favour internal product design, in contrast to other OEM producers. This design consideration encourages the process of developing long-lasting audio products.

Altiat™ has a registered office in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India and Factory/Warehouse in Raigad, Maharashtra, India. Altiat™ is a Registered Trademark.

The brand-new Cal.1H from Altiat hosts an infilled PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate) diaphragm and a 50mm electrodynamic driver. Altiat uses the PET diaphragm, which gives a superior response when an electrical signal passes through it. Altiat has tuned the dynamic driver to match the Harman target curve. Sound-wise, Cal.1H has a very pleasant tuning that will appeal to most audiophiles. The presentation is exceptional and accurate. Instead of going for ‘reference’, neutral and something perhaps a little “niminy-piminy” in a determination to win the hearts and minds of the discerning audiophiles, Altiat has instead opted for full-range and refined performance that will appeal to a broad audience.

The Altiat Cal.1H features a 50mm electrodynamic driver that delivers pristine audio performance. Technically, Cal.1H displays the excellent attributes that dynamic driver headphones usually have when reproducing low frequencies. The Cal.1H offers outstanding bass extension, which adds depth and rumble to the sub-bass. Altiat Cal.1H has bass quality rather than quantity. The midrange tuning on Cal.1H is excellent. It’s linear throughout, with clean fundamental tones and a good presence in the upper midrange. It has fantastic tonality, depth, and layering. Male and female vocals sound precise with body and weight to their presentation. The treble range is pretty good on Cal.1H. It’s not warm, but it’s not bright either, and overall it’s set at a level that will be comfortable for most listeners. The Cal.1H does extend nicely into the upper treble with good holographic and airy representation, properly representing all the harmonics and overtones in that region. Cal.1H has one of the more spacious and open-sounding presentations. For soundstage width, it’s roughly on par with most open-back headphones and can convey a better sense of distance and precise instrument separation. The Cal.1H delivers exceptional layering capabilities, with all instrument and vocal lines distinguished, allowing you to experience pure sonic tranquillity.

The build of the Cal.1H is primarily unibody Aluminium. The Headband is a mixture of aluminium and spring steel with Delrin buffers, ensuring clean action against the surfaces to avoid metal-on-metal fatigue. Almost all parts of the Cal.1H are precision machined on CNC turning and CNC milling machines. The Cal.1H is available in colourways like Gunmetal Grey, Aluminum Silver, Anodized Black, and Solid Ash. You now have options from Altiat to select the perfect colour way that you require. Every colour has received its final coating. Aluminium housings have a gunmetal grey powder coating. Housings made of raw aluminium are abrasively sandblasted for aluminium silver. For solid ash, it has been machined from a single piece of Ashwood while keeping the Cal. 1H’s 3D contours. A 6.35mm unbalanced termination and stock velour earpads are bundled with the Altiat Cal.1H. The Altiat Cal.1H is retailed at ₹ 29,990.

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