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Allied Telesis Selects Emerging Threats’ ETPro® and IQRisk® Products for New Range of Next-Generation Firewalls

New security products feature industry-leading technology

Allied Telesis Allied Telesis, a global provider of secure  IP/Ethernet solutions and an industry leader in the  deployment of IP Triple Play networks, today  announced that they have selected two products  from Emerging Threats, ETPro Ruleset and IQRisk  Rep List, for their new series of Next Generation Firewalls. The Allied Telesis Next-Generation Firewalls integrate leading-edge security technologies, including Emerging Threats’ superior threat intelligence services, to create the ultimate in up-to-the-minute, accurate, manageable network security solutions.

Cyber security has become a key component of today’s business environment. On one hand, Internet-based services have become essential business tools. On the other hand, highly skilled professional criminals are constantly developing ever more undetectable means of infiltrating Internet-connected data networks. Communications infrastructure needs to be protected by systems with ever greater intelligence, control and insight. Allied Telesis have partnered the Suricata Intrusion Detection System (IDS) engine with Emerging Threats’ ETPro Ruleset to provide outstanding threat detection and protection abilities. This is enhanced by IQRisk Rep List, which provides a user-configurable IP Reputation service to improve the accuracy and effectiveness of the IDS.

By embedding ETPro and IQRisk into their Next-Generation Firewalls, Allied Telesis offer a highly convenient means for organizations to plug into an extensive security knowledge base containing hundreds of millions of IP addresses and domains, built up over more than a decade of threat intelligence data collection. The Allied Telesis specialized hardware, in conjunction with Emerging Threats’ threat intelligence, delivers a high performance security platform with industry-leading threat detection and protection capabilities.

This is yet another significant advance in Allied Telesis’ long history of information security solutions, which stretches back over 20 years. As an early vendor of stateful-inspection firewalls, VPN equipment, IPv6 security solutions and LAN-based Network Access Control (NAC), Allied Telesis have proven capability in the delivery of network security equipment. The new generation of Allied Telesis firewalls is designed to work with the current modes of Internet usage and to adapt to the emerging requirements of “X as a service” and “The Internet of Things”.

“We are delighted by the threat intelligence that Emerging Threats’ services add to our solution. The unparalleled accuracy and protection contributed by their years of experience in cyber-security will be of great benefit to our customers,” said Mr Graham Walker, Senior Product Manager at Allied Telesis. “Accurate intrusion detection and prevention is an essential feature of our Next-Generation Firewalls, but so are performance and manageability. Emerging Threats’ ETPro Ruleset and IQRisk Rep List products bring an excellent level of security intelligence that allows us to offer up-to-the-minute, high performance, accurate protection in a flexible, user-friendly package.”

“We are very excited to be playing a key partnership role with Allied Telesis,” said Mr Ken Gramley, CEO of Emerging Threats. “Our partnership is the perfect intersection of two complementary companies having long standing reputations as major security vendors. We anticipate Allied Telesis customers will be very pleased with the results.”

According to Mr Seiichiro Sato, Director of Global Product Marketing, Allied Telesis, “We are seeing considerable demand from customers looking for an integrated solution across their network from the edge to the core. Our Next-Generation Firewalls deliver high-performance superior security, and provide a simpler infrastructure to administer and manage.”

The Internet has become a powerful enabler for a vast range of activities. The possibilities that it opens will only continue to grow in the future. However, this also provides alluring opportunities for clever criminals. As such, highly intelligent, high performance, future-proof security protection is required to truly enjoy the benefits of Internet connectivity. Allied Telesis Next-Generation Firewalls, powered by impressive technology like Emerging Threats’ ETPro Ruleset and IQRisk Rep List, provide that protection – along with high data throughput “single pane of glass”management and a highly available solution.

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