Alibaba Foundation and UCWeb to host XIN Philanthropy Conference 2018 Global Forum in India

The Alibaba Foundation jointly with UCWeb will host the Global Forum of Alibaba Group’s XIN Philanthropy Conference 2018 in India on September 5th. The Alibaba Foundation is a charitable organization established by the Alibaba Group and the UCWebis a business within Alibaba Digital Media and Entertainment Group. UC WEB Inc. functions in India through its step down subsidiary UCWeb Mobile Private Limited.

The Global Forum is being held under the theme of ‘Love and Infinity’ with an emphasis on Education, Child Protection and Women Empowerment. Another important issue of this event is to discuss on how the Internet could empower global philanthropic endeavors in a creative and effective approach.

In 2016, Jack Ma, Executive Chairman of Alibaba Group, initiated the Inaugural “Xin” Philanthropy Conference with an aim of molding a culture of proactive public involvement in charity. In this conference, outstanding speakers within the global welfare, politics, business and scientific domain are invited to discuss and deliberate on Philanthropy for the Internet Age. This year, the second Alibaba 9.5 Philanthropy Week Conference is being held simultaneously at Hangzhou and for the first time overseas in New Delhi signifying the importance of India for the Alibaba Group. The keynote session will focus on the theme “Everyone participates for a Better Future” and during the breakout sessions, discussions will be on the most important philanthropic topics of our age, including Environmental Protection, Internet Plus, Green Living, Globalization of Public Welfare, and Future of Education.   

With 7 years business development in India and 130 million MAU of UC Browser, UCWeb is taking its Social Responsibility and has launched India’s first women-only news channel and UC Shiksha program earlier this year. In collaboration with two NGOs, Booksforall and Donate-a-book, UC Shiksha has finished its first phase in July and has donated 10 thousand books in 14 States in India.