eSports Will See An Annual Growth Of 30-40% Over The Next 3 Years – Akshat Rathee, Nodwin Gaming Full Interview

Akhsat Rathee, Co-Founder And MD Of NODWIN Gaming

Akshat Rathee, CO-Founder and MD of NODWIN Gaming

Team IT-Voice recently had a short interaction with Mr.Akshat Rathee, CO-Founder and MD of NODWIN Gaming where he discussed the future of esports in India and other relevant topics. Here is an excerpt from the interview.

Prateek: In terms of revenue, India ranks 16th among the world in the eSports industry. How will be the coming years for the industry in India?

Akshat Rathee: The future looks promising for the Indian esports industry as we see huge investments coming into the esports startups from domestic and overseas investors alike. The aggregate value of the Industry is predicted to see an annual growth of 30-40% over the next 3 years. When a country has 67% of its population under 35 y/o, there is a long headroom for growth. More audience means more engagement, which in turn means more revenue.

Prateek: While the country is in the grip of strict lockdown again, Esports provides a safe option to the public. What must be kept in mind for responsible gaming?

Akshat Rathee: Esports has beaten the lockdown blues time and again for its audience. Being responsible with it is a totally different ball game. Esports isn’t unfamiliar with gamers spending money on in-app purchases but is totally the opposite of what you might face in the likes of Real Money Gaming and skill-based games, wherein the money you put in is lost if you lose. It is important for the general public to understand the differences between Real Money Gaming and esports.

Prateek: What kind of career opportunities does the industry offer for young professionals?

Akshat Rathee: Career opportunities in esports are aplenty when we look at the rapidly developing infrastructure. Every department of the industry is in need of a young enthusiastic workforce that has the skill and passion to bring in their ideas and innovations. Right from the creative fields like designing and production to technical fields like cinematography and casters to managerial positions in marketing and sales, there are openings at every level.

Prateek: Are there any Esports tournaments planned in the calendar year?

Akshat Rathee: There are lots of tournaments in the pipeline. The India Premiership will remain constant spanning 3 seasons a year. We do have plans for PC and console esports as well which will be revealed in due course.

Prateek: Many companies are investing and promoting Esports in India. What are the challenges for the industry and the players?

Akshat Rathee: Currently, the industry is facing a time wherein there is no lack of ideas and innovations. The initial risk of building an Industry is paying off now and there are no major challenges being faced at the moment.

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