Bluei has already expanded with stores in South of India, now we look forward to open more stores pan India in the year 2022

Akhilesh Chopra, Director of Sales & Technology for Bluei

Akhilesh Chopra, Director of Sales & Technology for Bluei

Akhilesh Chopra, Director of Sales & Technology for Bluei on the year-end 2021 answered questions about the organization’s performance and future strategies:

Prateek: How was the business of Bluei mobile accessories in 2021?

Akhilesh Chopra: The year 2021 was excellent for Bluei, we have received a good response from the audio segment mostly neckbands, headphones, wireless speakers, etc. As everyone knows pandemics make every business hand run. After pandemics when the market opens the first quarter was slow but from the second quarter, your business started moving forward, and after August 2021 in the festive season, Bluei receives a good response from the market and distributors.

Prateek: How did it compare to your business in 2020?

Akhilesh Chopra: If I compare Bluei business from the year 2020, it was slow. The year 2020 is new normal for every business and every person. Many companies shut down their business and people are not traveling to the office and are more concerned about their health. Society understands how to deal with the CORONA virus. Work from Home, Online meetings, Webinars, and Online classes make our business good in 2020.  The market was unstable in 2020 and but in 2021 business get started slowly and going to end with good business.

Prateek: What features of TWS earbuds were most in demand from the customers in 2021?

Akhilesh Chopra: TWS sensors feature product is most in-demand in 2021. TWS with sensors is easy to use and very good audio experience. Customers who can’t afford expensive TWS earbuds brands like Apple, Sony, and Samsung can enjoy or feel the experience of Bluei or other brands at affordable prices.

Prateek: What are your future plans for 2022?

Akhilesh Chopra: Our first objective is to expand the business and the distribution network. Recently, we expand our footprint in Cochi and Tirur, Kerala. We are focusing on the new product category and wireless speakers, neckbands, and earbuds. Bluei is also focusing on PD and Fast charges, nowadays consumer wants quick and fast chargers in their bags. They want their mobile charged every time.

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